The viewers and fan of soccer are familiar with the Fantasy Football. Here we will talk regarding the English Premier League which is known as the most trilling football (soccer) league around the world.

The concept is that after signing up to a fantasy football league a player utilizes whatever information they have such as info of statistics for selecting their best players from different real football teams in order to make a dream team of their choice.

Suppose you can pick Rooney from Manchester United and from Man City you pick Joe Hart. Obviously when you pick the best players from Premier League and make your dream team then you think that you definitely win the matches.

fantasy premier league team

This is possible with a fantasy league i.e. to make your dream team. It is so simple when you watch the games and get a chance to examine the performance of every player and then you would be able to select the best players where the chances of winning are high. This is actually the fun part.

When you sign up to the fantasy football league then you will get scores info of every player from their real life matches and this is because they keep track of it. In this way goalies keep themselves informed about the number of goals they save. In addition, strikers can keep themselves informed about the number of goals they scored. And so on. This info is derived from the real football matches that are played in the Premier League.

The basis of your every single player is on their score points or performance of their real life. The score of your fantasy football team is mainly tabulated after adding scores of every player. The rules for every fantasy football league are different i.e. different rules of fantasy football according to which players get points as per their different actions. For example, if any player scores a goal, they get 5 points, on the other hand, they might get -4 points when they are given the red card.

Your selection of fantasy football league team has its own importance. In some cases you have to pay a fee in order to join while there are ones without any fee too. You can get amazing statistical analysis tools in some cases that can help you in choosing the players when you are making your dream team.

In majority of these leagues there are prizes for the main performers, for the best performers and players not only money in the form of cash is at stake but also houses and cars. No doubt, you need to work hard to beat the best individuals and take it as a challenge of when you are joining a famous league in which you can win half a million pounds as this cash prize is top prize. Now you understand the advantage that you can enjoy after of getting to the top i.e. to win fabulous prizes.

fantasy football scout

I personally feel that the best fantasy leagues are the ones offering right to use or access to more actual football leagues as compared to only the English Premier League. The lucky individuals who sign up the league will be offered the players from different football leagues as well so that the Dream Team you make includes good players. When you enter into a premier league fantasy football game that is without any fee then in addition to prizes at least you will enjoy and there is high possibility of winning something big too.

8 Fantasy Premier League Tips

Tip 1. Read the rules

Keep in mind that the rules in every Fantasy Football League are not the same. There are different ways in different leagues through which you can earn or score the points are scored in a. If they offer systems like transfers, substitutes, formations or captains – make use of it in the best possible way.

Tip 2. Stay away from selecting high-profile substitutes

This is one of the most important fantasy premier league tips – It can be costly if you bring the recent big from any of the ‘Big Four’. It is noticed that the highly paid players at the famous and bigger clubs usually score quite less as compared to usual.

Tip 3. Midfield goal scorers

According to my personal view these are considered comparatively important to the productive centre forward who scores 20 goals per season.  In several fantasy leagues, midfielders will achieve more points when they score as compared to forward so not to skip these important possessions or assets. You can take risk on corner and penalty-takers the ones who play in midfield and feel relaxed as the points keep on adding in.

Tip 4. Positional mistakes and errors can be beneficial for you

Sometimes the categorization of player’s position might not be done in the right way. For instance, if midfielder is registered as a defender or forward as a midfielder. This is because they play in a position more advanced than suggested by their category, maybe your player will score more goals. There won’t be any huge difference but by gaining extra points be 1st or 2nd, and the runners-up of the Fantasy Football get no one’s attention.


Tip 5. Do not let the heart decide but use your brain

When you play Fantasy Football you surely support your favorite team or vice versa. My personal experience of championship winning achievement of 07/08, a rival very close constantly unwilling to buy Cristiano Ronaldo because he had a feeling it was not loyal act to his favorite Arsenal. Unfortunately, he gave up rather too late and was not successful in the title fight. On the contrary, there are ‘loyal supporter’ that continue with selecting or signing players from the team of their own. If you are not selecting them that does not mean you don’t like them it’s just you don’t want a goalie that yields four of five goals in a game. Take it seriously!

Tip 6. Don’t panic buy

Avoid jumping in any transfer or team selection that has a deadline as this can lead to loss in your points. Also stay away from mid-week fixtures like European games or Internationals in which there are chances of causing injuries to the main players or performers. Never make any change prior to the weekend if your performers or players will be busy with FA Cup games – simply keep in check the fixtures for the ‘gameweek’ and then bring changes in the your team according to it.

Tip 7. Plan ahead

In case of several online fantasy football leagues there is a system for transferring teams in order to trade one player in a week and no points will be deducted. By using this transfer system sensibly you can enjoy big advantages. If you observe that the coming week Man Utd will play bottom of the league, simply switch a player from Man Utd prior to two weeks to be successful. I personally won Fantasy Football League on the basis of this transfer system by bringing in Frank Lampard the week earlier a home game against Derby County – he scored four goals.

Tip 8. Stay focused

Simply by playing few games you can get top position of the league, all you need is to stay focused. If you lose your focus then you might lose titles at the end stages, so strive for not to lose your focus in the end. By treating each and every game as a cup final and by paying concentration to the minute details can increase your points. When you are about to become a champion so don’t you dare deviate your focus.

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