401K Gold Investment

Why Choose 401K Gold Investment

Gold is a valuable precious metal that makes a very wise investment too and around the world probably equals millions in funds. Investors agree that gold prices are usually barely impacted by economic disasters meaning they are firm. For people who recognize the wisdom in this investment one move is to invest in it for your retirement fund. One of the most common types of retirement investments are 401ks. Many employees have both a 401k and an IRA (Individual Retirement Account). Usually a 401k is taken care of by a professional and both the employer and the employees make investments into it. Another option to though would be to have a gold 401k where some gold is saved then cashed in after retirement. It is people who realize the benefits a 401k gold investment can give them that have a better overall retirement portfolio.


If a person were to take this approach they would need to ensure they used a gold investment plan that had consistent records. Anyone with a 401k gold investment can then convert it to money once they are retired. The actual gold is looked after by trustees who are recognized around the world and can therefore be trusted. They will send a report twice each year to each person who has an investment with them that looks at details like the price of gold in the current market, their investment documents and returns. If you have a 401k gold investment program you can also invest further in mutual funds that are gold backed, which tend to be less expensive that others

Obviously you would not store invested gold in your home, you need somewhere a lot more secure. You also need to make sure that place is approved. If you are a 401k account owner you can talk to the trustees of your Individual Retirement Account about having a gold plan. For many gold investors it is something that will give you the income you need when you retire. Anyone can transfer 401k funds into a gold investment if they want to so make sure you talk to the experts about what is best suited to your investment needs.

Before you invest in gold make sure you ask yourself the following questions though:

  1. How much gold will your first deposit get you?
  2. How much does this precious metal work out to be per ounce?
  3. After another month, two or three what is the regular price of it?

Rules and options for having a 401k gold investment

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There are of course rules to follow with this investment options which are regulated. You cannot withdraw money tax free, there are rollover rules for a 401k and remember this is for after your retirement. When you stop working you will have to pay taxes on the money you withdraw from your 401k. With an IRA though you can move money to your account where it can continue to earn interest for you, though this move could incur penalties for early withdrawal. If you need your money to continue to work for you even in your retirement there are serious positives to rollovers.

What works for some people may not be perfectly suitable for you so be sure to find out before you make the investment or choice not after. That way you can avoid paying penalties. Other options include having an indirect rollover or taking cash distributions. With both of these though keep in mind 20% would be withheld for taxes depending on the tax bracket you fell into at the time you stopped working. That 20% could be more or less based on that bracket.

When undertaking an indirect rollover the full amount including that 20% must be moved to the IRA within 2 months or 60 days.  If it is not complete during that time you could again incur more penalties. You also need to be aware that your age is also a factor and could also create penalties if you are withdrawing too young up to 10% can be taken from your balance.

Should you opt for the direct rollover you would have no penalties to face for withdrawing early and nor would you have to pay a possible 20% in taxes. In terms of an option that allows your money to grow without interruption, a direct rollover is the best one. The company for which you work would make a payment to the person taking care of your IRA so you would not have to pay any taxes on that either as it is a transaction classed as trustee to trustee. This means no other penalties or charges.

If you opt to have your pension rolled over there are several benefits you would gain from it. You get more control over your investment plan rather than your employer having it all. You can now decide from a large range of investment opportunities and be more flexible with your choices. It also means you do not have to worry how stable your company is financially which is definitely a plus considering how bad things got for a while just recently.

By understand how a rollover works and what the rules are beforehand you can be prepared should you need to make some changes. Leaving these kind of investment decisions to the last minute is not a good idea. You can get confused with too much information and make some poor decisions that lose you money. A comfortable retirement could be yours with time spent thinking about those choices so take that first step!