Adidas X 15+ SL Review

Adidas X 15+ SL Soccer Cleat Review

The new Adidas X 15+ SL have several new designs to improve performance and appearance for soccer players. It comes with a redesigned heel and tongue compared to the X15.1 and also comes with panels on the sides that are see through for a farm more dramatic visual effect. It is comparable to Puma’s evoSPEED SL – Super Light. After a lot of innovation and though Adidas wanted to come up with a shoe that has a lot of impact as well as superior performance and less weight.

Adidas X 15+ SL

Reaction to the boots

When looking at images from the advertising it appeared the boots were almost worn looking along the front. But when you hold and see them in person it becomes more obvious that this not the case it is just the style. Most wonder about the see though panel and since the previous shoes fit on the tight side some were eager to see if this had been dealt with and what else the modifications added to this redesign.


The boot is available in Black/White/Shock Blue but it is definitely as simple as that in terms of their appearance. As mentioned in some images and maybe from a distance they look a little dirty or worn. But that really changes when up are up close with the real thing. They have a white and silver shimmering effect across the upper. It is not clear whether the silver comes though a base of white or if it is the other way around but either way the effect is speckle effect that looks good.

Adidas X 15+ SL

The other change on these shoes with a big impact on appearance is those shine through panels. There are see-through panels on the sides of the boots that really have a dramatic effect on the look of the shoes, particularly if you make some interesting sock colors choices! You can kind of custom the look of the shoes with the different colored socks you can wear.

Those panels do not really add any benefit to how the shoes perform though. There is a very slight reduction in weight but it is minimal. While Adidas may try to claim some ways those panels offer performance enhancement in the real world when playing their impact is really more visual. Some like this style and some are less positive about it. So really it will come down to personal tastes.

Still need breaking in

These are still tight fitting when you take them out of the box and put them in. Putting them on those first few times may in fact even need a bit of extra effort on your part. Loosen up the laces as much as they allow and wiggle them in. You may feel your small toe touching the edge of the shoe at first which is not the most comfortable feeling. Your first try may even put you off but er recommend you stick with the breaking in process before you make any final decisions.

Use them in warm ups and practices. If needed you can keep those laces looser for a little while. You will probably find that moving around them is not as uncomfortable as you thought it would be and you could even take them into a match if you wanted.


A big change from the last version of this shoe to the Adidas X 15+ SL is how the tongue design has been toned down. The synthetic overlay that was present before has been removed and there is now a fabric left. It feels more comfortable over the top of your foot and it means the fabric can adjust and stretch to fit itself there in a more natural way. This change also makes the Techfit collar around the ankle line less structured int something more simple and low. For some this change may not be something they particularly care about if they liked that higher cut around the ankle, but the change certainly does not negatively affect performance.

Adidas X 15 fitting

Overall these are comfortable boots to wear, the upper material ensuring you had a natural feel while playing and stayed focused on the match not the shoes.

Shooting and touch

Adidas-x-15-sideThe boots are made from a soft and smooth synthetic material across the midfoot and forefoot. It molds to your foot and has a very soft feel. It is also quite different to the material you can find there on other Adidas boots as this feels more padded and a little thicker. This gives them a little bit of a spongy feel and you get great control on the ball, able to feel what you need to in all the correct places. An additional bonus about this material is that when yo are taking shots or stroking the ball it reduces impact and ensures a nice follow through. While they may not add more power these boots do offer something for players who take shots from long ranges.

While the upper is smoother than other Adidas boots, there is just enough roughness still to aid with the control of the ball too. It has the feel of fake leather and gives grip when you are taking the ball from the air and gives cushion as you touch it forwards. This best suits forwards or attacking players. For defense playing there is not a lot of protection against studs from the other player’s shoes.

Fit of the boot

As mentioned straight out of the box these shoes do have a tight fit. This is certainly not a shoe that would be comfortable for players who need a wider fitting shoe. While they can still be used in a match they do feel very snug. If you are familiar with the fit og the X15.1 this is similar though you have a little more given in these from the new tongue design and there is a little more stretch from across the top of the shoe. These are true to size, but snug!

A look at the traction system

When looking at the underfoot and the traction system it is still the same AG/FG system that the X15 series have, so performance in these terms has changed very little. The base X-CLAW is designed to offer a lightweight feel but still with complete traction. There are small numbs that line the inner of the plate and on FG they play perfectly. This boot is not just about speed in a straight line, but more about speed when changing direction. That inner line gives the player a motion that is more dynamic and better connection with the surface you are playing on. When you need to make a lateral movement there is a lot more support as the foot connects, has good grip and then leaves the surface.

Adidas X 15+ SL Bottom View

You also get similar good results on AG too though the quality of the surface you are playing on will affect it. If it is new and soft surface for example they work very well. If it is AG material at semi-height with not much spring to it they do not perform as well. Therefore it is quite important that you take into consideration the surface of where you play before buying these boots. They work better on newer materials. For older materials you want something with a conical stud layout that is low profile.

Weight of the Adidas X 15+ SL shoes

The old X shoes weigh about 239 grams. With the improvements made the new X 15+ SL shoes weigh about 204 grams. If that is still not light enough for you as you prefer a lighter shoe there is the Adidas Adizero Crazylight 2015 shoe which weighs just 99 grams!

Players that wear this shoe

Athletes that wear the Adidas X 15+ SL include Gareth Bale, James Rodriguez, Thomas Muller and Luis Suarez.


This is a well designed SL boot that offers nice touch on the ball and looks good too. The side see through panels offer a great visual aspect to the shoes that makes them different to any other boot.

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