Diadora Maracana RTX 12

diadora maracana rtx 12 bootdiadora-maracana-rtx-12-ratingThe Diadora Maracana RTX 12 is a soccer cleat that offers great value in a shoe that is at a professional level. You get a loop lacing system that is only partially visible, ankle collar lining that is soft, Kangaroo leather and anti stretch lining to give you durability and comfort, Double Action inserts and Axeler outsole to add more cushion and support. Here is a review of the Diadora Maracana RTX 12 looking at why this may be the best kangaroo leather soccer cleat out there.

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Diadora Maracana RTX 12 Review


These soccer shoes weigh 9.4oz which puts it on the lighter end of other similar soccer shoes. The Adipure IVs are 0.4oz heavier and the other competition shoes the Legend IVs are 0.2oz heavier. They are a great weight considering the quality leather being used.



With the high quality materials used in making these soccer shoes it is no wonder they are very strong and durable. They are put together in a classical manner and while you can see some imperfections like with the stitching or with the cutting of the leather leading to one or two rougher edges, they are still very high quality. In fact those minor imperfections give it a more handmade feel rather than factory made. With the right care this boot will last for several seasons.

Comfort and Fit

There is an elastic underfoot band that holds the tongue in place so that it does not move around offering additional comfort. That tongue is also a lace cover. As mentioned there is the ankle collar lining, Kangaroo leather, double action inserts, anti stretch lining, and axeler outsole all of which combine to create a very comfortable soccer shoe to wear. When it comes to size and fit they are true to size. Plus they have a wide fitting around the forefoot which makes them especially great for players who lean towards a wider foot, but perhaps not ideal if you have narrow feet.


The Maracana range from Diadora has a basic color option when it comes to appearance. There is black/fluorescent yellow, silver/fluorescent yellow and an interesting and different black/lime green/white option. A lot of soccer players seem to like the black/yellow option as it really contrasts nicely with the yellow detail on the back.


There is a nice amount of padding from the leather which offers more protection and may make them one of the better options if having your feet crushed and stepped on is a worry. There is another protective element in this shoe which is the external plastic heel cup.


The outsole on this shoe is different to others and the studs are places in an interesting but effective pattern. This is an open V where the blades are all the same shape so that the player gets grip when they are pushing off from almost every direction. These are not very long studs but the length is enough to give you a stability you want to feel when running. Some have said they do not even feel the studs under the feet, running is a stable and smooth motion that is almost like running in sneakers on firm ground. This is enhanced by the Axeler technology which is essentially metal rods that link through to each stud down the midsole to the heel. While this is not something that affects the feel of the shoe it certainly helps with the performance.



Shooting in these shoes is quite an enjoyable experience, while your feet are cushioned you still have a good feel for the ball and in fact that cushioning helps control the shots you take. The shoes seem to help your control even in shots that you might not have taken before. Apart from that there are no specific technologies or designs that specifically improve shooting.


The kangaroo leather allows players to have a much better touch for the ball and much more control can be had. You have the cushioning for your feet that you want for comfort but you still have the control and touch a thinner shoe might have. This shoe really does show why kangaroo leather is the best material for the upper. There are also some design details that Diadora has added to improve ball control such as the instep having a tacky coating for grip and a flap over the laces to cover where the knot is.


The Diadora Maracana RTX 12 is a great pair of soccer boots, possibly the best kangaroo leather cleats on the market right now. Out of the Adipures and Legends the leather quality is superior and the fit is excellent. With this shoe you can have control, comfort and the touch you want. Plus the bonus with this shoe is that is not a crazy high price that some companies are charging for quality shoes today. At $85 this is definitely the best shoe you can get at an awesome price. A lot of people automatically look at Nike or Adidas understandably, they have a great reputation for great soccer shoes. But if you can get past that this boot will not disappoint you.