Football Cleats Buying Guide

Football players need to wear footwork that can handle 7 to 10 times the body the weight of the player, can still offer opportunities to be agile, precise and fast and handle the high impact nature of the sport. Buying Football Cleats needs some thought and it is important to make sure you get Football cleats and not other cleats, as these have been designed specifically for the more aggressive nature of this sport compared to others that require cleats.

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What To Look For

Football cleats have also been matched field types and positions too so as a guide when buying football cleats make sure you find something for the right position. Just as with soccer cleats, the top part of the football cleat is made from a synthetic man-made material or leather. There are several pros and cons to either material. Leather is more flexible, it has better breathability and it is durable and this makes it more expensive than other options. Synthetic material though does not go stiff or get out of shape if wet and then dried. It is cheaper, but it is not as durable and does not breathe as well as leather.

cleatsThere are three styles to suit the different positions and requirements. Those styles are all about the height of the cleat with low cut, mid cut and high top options. Linemen will use high top football cleats as it gives a lot of ankle support which best suits the kind of lateral moves they have to make in game. A company like Adidas has several options of football cleats on the market right now that are very good.

Defensive backs, wide receivers, running backs and quarterbacks are going to be more effective in mid cut football cleats. This is because this cut is the best compromise for support but still with some maneuverability. Nike has mid cut football cleats that are some of the best on the market today. Finally for those players needing the most maneuverability you have the low cut football cleats. Reebok have very good football cleats in the low cut style allowing players to make quick cuts and so on.

The field type you are playing on also affect the type of cleat you want. There are two types, detachable and molded. On turf surfaces you can get molded cleats which are permanently attached to the bottom of the shoe. They allow for traction, grip better on hard turf and give some spring. This option is cheaper than detachables.

Detachable cleats can adapt to various field types, dry or wet, hard or soft, all kinds of grass. The studs can be removed and put on using a wrench so you can customize your football cleats depending which surfaces you play on regularly. For example you can have shorter studs on them when on dry and hard fields, and then replace them with longer ones if playing on a mushy wet field.

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