How To Be A Good Premier League Fantasy Football Manager

People who have already enjoyed adventure of fantasy football, they know that this game involves ups and downs. When you are involved in this game you will be following different games on different days such as Blackburn vs. Stoke! – Your only hope would be to see your fantasy player scoring a goal, or at least keep their sheet clean. Sound little weird but it is all about excitement of the football matches.

Becoming A Great Fantasy Football Manager

It is not simple to be a successful fantasy football manager. You keep improving with the passage of time by choosing any team. Sometimes you are pleased with your team and sometimes disappointed. Anything can happen from players being suspended or getting injured, the African Nations Cup is close, and suddenly there is no trace of that “ideal and perfect” team. Here is the first tip for all, know about the fantasy football game first that it is full of dynamism so you should expect change all the time. It is not a good idea sticking to same players if you are not satisfied with your favorite one, always look for better options i.e. better players.

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My Experience

barclays-fantasyOne of the latest examples is of this injury issue at Manchester Utd. I was the owner of Nemanja Vidic and when I heard about injury of Nemanja Vidic I felt so bad as he will not be able to play the whole season of 2011/12. Later on, I realized that it was a blessing in disguise because of Vidic’s injury, Jonny Evans became first preference in United States as center back – an affordable player as compared to Nemanja Vidic and good performance.

Here is my second tip is not to ignore statistics but take maximum benefit from it. If you want to know the importance of statistics in sports watch the movie ‘Moneyball’. It is just saying that in the sport of football statistics do not seem so applicable but helpful. Here is an example of the Premier League ‘number of clean sheets’ stats. You may not know about this season when Swansea City that reserved more clean sheets as compared to Manchester City. Keeping in mind that the price of Swansea defenders on fantasy football are lower as compared to many defenders of Manchester City, utilize this stats for stocking up on low price defenders of Swansea City, as a result of which you can free up finances for buying other players.

Thirdly, you should also focus on whether your player is in form or not. You will not find too many players who can continuously make a good score each week. In this category Robin van Persie and Wayne Rooney are probably included, but you cannot bring them in fantasy football! At low cost Many of the fantasy football players experience the good and bad times. That’s why one should monitor the performance of different players in order to know who is doing the best. It won’t be easy to judge the best players. It solely depends on luck at times than judgment. Mostly you will notice that the players are in best form at the time they are having a good run of fixtures. You should keep yourself informed about the coming fixtures and regarding the team schedules either easy or hard.

In the end I would like to reveal the factor that plays an important role to win fantasy football. My personal experience I would like to share when I could not remain calm and patient with the specific player to wait for him to score several fantasy points the coming week! I have experienced this with Stephane Sessegnon initially in the season, I thought that my selected player have high fantasy potential. As a result I decided to transfer Sessegnon out. When I transferred him out the following week he started scoring 13 points and after that 12 points. This happens quite often. Keep in mind that the Fantasy football can be a  bad game but by being patient you can see the good part.