Nike Premier Review

Nike Premier Soccer Cleat Review

Nike brought out the Premier Soccer Cleat in direct response to compete with Adidas’ Copa Mundial shoes. This article takes a close look at the Nike Premier Soccer Cleat to give you a more detailed review of exactly what to expect from them. That includes how they look, how they feel and perhaps most importantly of all how they perform. These cleats have gone back somewhat to how older cleats looked making a modern classic but with all the advantages still of the development, design and technology that goes into making great soccer shoes.

Nike Premier Soccer Shoes

How heavy are the shoes?

A lot of older style soccer cleats like the Copa Mundial have more weight to them than some other shoes. That is not to say they are heavy exactly but they are certainly not lightweight! The Copa weighs about 12oz compared the Nike Premier that weighs just 8.6oz. That is quite a bit of difference and it puts the Premier Soccer Cleats at the lighter end of soccer shoe options. It actually even makes it lighter than Nike’s own Tiempo Legend IVs.

Do they fit true?

Fit seems to be something reviewers are not completely agreeing on to be honest. Some are saying they fit true to size and some say you might want to get a half size up for better comfort and fit. If you get the size you are in all probability they will stretch to fit better over time but if you want intimidate comfort get a half size up.

nike premier sg cleat

What do they have for traction?

The new stud configuration and soleplate Nike has developed are keys to the improvement on traction these cleats have. There are 12 conical studs on the sole and they have been trimmed in how wide they are and how long they are. This gives them a lower profile so you the player have your center of gravity lowered. This means when you are pushing off to sprint you are able to get a quicker release. Then you have an oval shaped stud placed in the middle of the forefoot which has two purposes. It acts as a brake stud and gives more traction. This design seems to allow for better surface penetration without causing any kind of drag and it also offers better traction for artificial surfaces too.

Better touch of the ball?

You really cannot beat kangaroo leather shoes for comfort and better touch of the ball. The leather is extremely flexible and soft giving you an outstanding feel for the ball. On the Nike Premier Soccer Cleat the leather upper is actually a little thinner than other top shoes like the Nike Tiempo Legend IVs or the Copa Mundials. This means it feels less cumbersome. Also the whole upper is the same thicknesses so you wherever you have contact with the ball you have the same excellent level of touch. It really does how that natural high quality material along with simple design really can produce excellent results.


There is only one thing that is synthetic on this shoe and that is the tongue. It is made from a synthetic that is a little thinner than the upper and has a memory inserted in the center. Some players may prefer a leather tongue usually but this synthetic tongue does have its advantages. It has a slimmer profile so makes the shoe feel even more streamlined and gives you less bulk, less weight and better touch again.

The soft kangaroo leather upper actually almost feels a little bit like a leather sock than wearing shoes. When the shoes are done well nothing beats the suppleness of kangaroo leather and in Nike’s Premiers it is done very well indeed. Learn more about other Nike soccer cleats.

What protection do they offer?

Because the bulk in the upper has been traded for lighter shoes that offer better contact and control with the ball, some of the protection you get in shoes like the Copa has been lost. The upper will still offer some protection but you would feel being stepped on more in these cleats than the others. There is an internal plastic heel counter that is there to offer some protection in case of impact on the back of the foot though. So while you may not have quite the same level of protection as other options you get enough so that you do not feel vulnerable.

Striking the ball

While the simple design of the Nike Premier means there are not any striking features added to the cleat, the natural feel from the kangaroo leather upper and the slimmer synthetic tongue means you have a better feel. To make sure you still have a solid feel when you strike there is a good combination between the soleplate’s stiffness and the how well the shoe fits. In this shoe you have a somewhat cushioned feel along with a clean striking surface when it comes to shooting.

How durable is the Nike Premier Soccer Cleat?

nike-premier-top-btmAs soon as you see these shoes you will not have any doubt about the quality of them. They are in fact one of the better quality shoes on the market at the moment. The uppers are made from high quality kangaroo leather and the straight forward design means durability cannot be questioned. Where he upper and the soleplate bond together is strong and remains so after much use. Considering these cleats only cost $90 you are definitely getting great quality shoes for a great deal.

Their durability though does need some help from you. Natural leather needs some maintenance to keep it at its peak. It is also a factor on whether you use the shoes in the ground they have been made for. Firm ground cleats should be used just for natural grass soccer fields. If you use them on artificial turf or playing fields this is going to have a negative impact on the durability of the boot.


rating 4.5 starsWhile in terms of appearance or flashiness these cleats may not immediately win you over, the Nike Premier Soccer Cleats have quality, a simplicity that is attractive for its own reasons and a lot of other reasons it may be the best cleat for you. The premier has quality materials, it offers comfort and is a light shoe too. The price is very affordable, you really are getting a great boot for a great price. Check out other user reviews on the Premier.