Nike Tiempo Legend V

The latest addition to the Nike Tiempo line is the Legend V and a lot has changed when you compare it to the previous models of soccer shoe. It still has the kangaroo leather upper giving quality and comfort, but there is a lot that has been updated with the rest of the shoe to ensure it stays at the cutting edge of soccer cleats.

Nike Tiempo Legend V

Nike Tiempo Legend V Review

Here we are examining the Nike Tiempo Legend V and what those changes mean.

Wide range of the Nike Tiempo Legend V series.

The Overall Shape & Fit

One of the easiest to spot changes from the last Tiempo Legends is the shape and fit. Nike has borrowed from the Hypervenom Phantom and has used the X1.1 last shape which is more form fitting and anatomical. This makes this soccer shoe stand out from any other leather boots which tend to be more traditional in their style. The natural fit of the X1.1 last is wider at the fore foot and less at the toe box making it fit more naturally.

Nike Tiempo Legend Wolf Grey

When you get them it is clear you will need to spend some time breaking them in. The Nike Tiempo Legend V is not uncomfortable straight out of the box but it is a tighter fit. Breaking them in will give the leather a chance to stretch to the shape of your feet. Some reviews have said it took them about two hours of wearing them in before they feel better. The breaking in will not cause any blisters or pain and when it is done the Legend V boots will be good for various foot types. It will be a closer fit though than you are used to with other soccer shoes. The only people who might have a problem with this shoe are those with very wide feet.

The Nike Tiempo Legend V is not sized quite like the previous shoes in the line. While they were accurate in size, these actually fit half a size smaller so for example if you usually wear soccer cleats sized 9US, you will need a 91/2US in the Legend V. This difference is probably as a result of the boot’s new shape, while the leather will stretch for width you need to go half a size bigger in size.

The kangaroo leather upper is a high quality leather that makes the shoe flexible and soft making it feel better and offer more comfort. However there are other kangaroo leather cleats out there so what sets the Legend V apart? It also has a Hypershield liner, a new design from Nike which is a mesh honeycombed and thin. It works in a similar way as Nike’s synthetic NikeSkin. The liner gives you a more comfortable fit but it takes up no space in the shoe so the player does not lose any feel when playing. It also means the leather is faster to dry.

Other features of the shoe that improve the comfort are a heel that has a synthetic leather padding, a tongue made from synthetic leather with memory foam in the center, a high quality removable insole and a flexible soleplate that makes the feel more natural when you are moving quickly. The Legend V gives you the best comfort and feel you could want using innovation and quality materials making it a great blend of modern and classic feel.

Weight of the Legend V

The Legend V is actually the lightest of the Legend series weighing 8.8oz. Despite the fact that the Legend V has additions and changes that could have made it heavier Nike were able to use better quality and lighter materials, for example being all kangaroo leather rather than a mix of synthetic and real. You get more in the Legend V than previous shoes but it is a lighter to shoe to play in.

White Nike Tiempo Legend 5 Boot

Better Traction

There are a few adjustments made with the Legend V in the Tiempo stud pattern to offer better traction to players. While the core remains unaltered meaning there are still four bladed studs beneath the heel as well as four conical ones on each side of the forefoot, there are now two support bladed studs through the forefoot’s center which are now angled. At the toe tip is a small bladed stud that does have a noticeable impact on grip when you are pushing off to run.

The soleplate also has had some changes. It is made from a flexible TPU that is quite thin so that it moves when you foot bends in a natural manner. In the center of the forefoot Nike added a small slit like they use in Nike Free, that offers more flexibility. The Hypervenom Phantom has a split toe design and Nike also added this to the Legend Vs. The idea is the toe box region of the soleplate will move better with the foot.

Tiempo legend v fg canvas volt

Click here to see it in canvas volt color.

The Legend V has a great combination of maneuverability, grip and stability with studs that are a bit longer than most which gives better traction on certain ground types like natural grass, firm ground and high quality ones. Whatever directions you push off from you get a good grip and that remains true even when twisting and turning. This pattern is great for players who are looking for better traction from their shoe while still giving freedom in movement too.

Improved Touch

Quite a big change in the Legend V that cannot be seen but can certainly be felt is that the touch has been improved too. Kangaroo leather is already a great material for the upper to offer more comfort but Nike in this shoe have modified and made it even better. Not only that there is more of it so that it even covers the toe box, mid foot and forefoot making the touch you have across the whole foot more uniform.

The Legend V also has ACC which is All Condition Control. This feature is something Nike uses for wet control but is a secret process. It basically gives the player better performance with more grip on the ball even in wet weather. Without being able to see the ACC it is hard to say whether it is a feature that is effective or we just assume it is working while we play. It is not a tactile real thing that can be tested either way. Some players say they do notice the difference between cleats with ACC and ones without. If it does work for you than that is a nice extra on the Legend V.

How the upper is laid out has also been changed to offer better touch on the ball. They still have a central lacing system but by making it a little shallower Nike has ensured the toe box and forefoot are lace and bulk free. This gives the player a better feel for the ball and makes them feel a lot more natural than previous Legend shoes. Technically the shape of these soccer boots is not really new – the older shoes Nike Tiempo Ronaldinho Dois had very similar appearance and shape. But this is not a negative to them, just that the shape itself is not completely revolutionized.

The Hypershield liner was mentioned earlier for the comfort factor but is also something to consider in terms of touch. Often liners add some extra bulk in the shoe, there is a balance the manufacturers have to reach between the added comfort it offers but the extra bulk it adds. With this shoe the liner is flexible and thin so the leather’s flexibility is not affected and you can maintain better touch on the ball.

Nike have made a very well thought out soccer boot using high quality kangaroo leather that is super soft and gives a much more uniformed feel when in playing. Full leather means there is a lot more consistency in the whole of the shoe. Nike Tiempo Legend V boots have less bulk or things that affect your touch or ball feel. This is something many players are appreciative of.

Tiempo Legend V (neo turq)

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Striking the Ball

With the soft upper leather and the padded memory foam tongue you get a very cushioned effect when you kick the ball. The boots feel solid through the strike because the soleplate has just enough rigidity, there is not more grip in the upper leather, but the stud blades below the heel give you the stability you want when planting yourself to strike the ball. If you have tried kangaroo leather before and you like that natural feel when you are kicking the ball then these shoes are ones you will enjoy playing in.

More Protection

Compared to synthetic boots the Legend V has more protection it offers. The leather’s natural padding gives some protection from impact like being stepped on. There is also a plastic heel counter inside the boot which can give some protection from other players aiming kicks at the back of your heel.

Better Durability

Black volt

The quality of how the Legend Vs are built is very good and it is all put together well too. With materials of high quality and a simple design, Nike has created a soccer cleat that has better durability than the previous ones. The Hypershield liner that means your shoe will dry more quickly also adds to that durability. Of course there is some care you will have to take with them. Being a natural leather shoe there are maintenance chores you will need to carry out in order to keep them in tip top condition and have them last longer. Another thing to remember is that you should only use cleats on the ground they were designed for if you want the best performance and them to last. For example the Legend V FG should just be used on firm ground or natural grass not turf or artificial grass. That will negatively impact on how long your cleats will last.


In examining the Nike Tiempo Legend V soccer cleats we see some significant and some not so sign changes that all add together to create an innovative shoe. Nike has not made changes to this extent for a long time. You get the classic feel that you want or expect from the Tiempo Legend series but with high quality kangaroo leather, and several new technologies that create a shoe that will make your performance on the field better.

The key innovations that stand out are;

  • The new X1.1 last making the Legend V fit more snugly which will especially draw the attention of players who are used to how a synthetic boot fits but want something in natural leather.
  • The Hypershield liner offers comfort, helps your shoe dry quicker and makes it more durable.
  • The stud pattern allows for improved performance and maneuverability.

While you may not be initially excited by the Legend V when you first hear or look at it once you get into the improvements it is definitely a unique shoe worth your time testing.

Legend V (soar/volt)