3 Hide Septic Septic Tank Cover Ideas

by Rosemarie Hardison
hide septic septic tank cover ideas

A septic tank is a tank that collects and decomposes sewage underground. While it’s essential to have, it can ruin the aesthetic of your lawn.

There are a variety of options for covering the septic tank while maintaining a tidy lawn. Septic tanks can be concealed by utilizing potted plants, rocks, or garden decorations. However, you must exercise caution since certain items may cause your septic tank to break.

Let’s go into the article and examine some ideas for hiding the tank, as well as some things to avoid.

Hide Septic Septic Tank Cover Ideas

There are numerous creative ways to conceal your septic tank so that you can maintain a tidy appearance on your lawn.

1. Potted Plants

potted plants

Growing grasses or plants on top of your system isn’t a wise option. If you want the area to seem nice, though, you can always use potted plants.

The issue with planting plants is that the roots may interfere with the septic tank. This will cause a hassle for you to deal with.

It could break the tank, leaving you dreading the costly repairs you’ll have to do. You’ll also have to dig out the plants every time you need to fix something in the septic tank.

Potted plants are an excellent alternative for this. They aren’t permanently embedded in the ground, so you won’t have to worry about digging anything up.

Also, you can easily replace the plants whenever you’d like.

2. Rocks


A septic tank or lid can always be hidden with rocks. Not only that, but it will enhance the appearance of your garden. The rocks are only temporary and may be conveniently replaced if you want to change the look of your garden.

Fortunately, some stones have been manufactured particularly to conceal septic tanks. However, any form of fake rocks might suffice. Real rocks, or at the very least heavy rocks, shouldn’t be used because they may harm the tank.

3. Decorative Items

a small fountain

You can never go wrong with garden decorative items. A statue is another method to make your lawn seem neat while concealing the septic tank.

A statue is a good option because it can encompass the entire area that requires protection. It will also divert attention away from the tank.

Installing a birdbath or a small fountain is also a terrific idea. Birdbaths are a preferable option. Some baths can be constructed without interfering with the septic tank’s pipework. Additionally, it will attract a variety of beautiful birds.

The birds will enhance the appearance of your garden and make it lively. However, make sure you’re not placing any of these items on top of the tank. Placing it directly on top may break the septic tank.


While there are a lot of great ways to hide your septic tank, you should be wary of things that can harm it.

1. Don’t Plant Trees

Planting trees or bushes is a popular decision among many individuals. While it’s clear why people choose this method, it’s not the best choice. The septic tank might be harmed by the roots of the plants and vegetation.

A tree root reaches around 78 inches into the ground on average. However, there can be trees that extend their roots 236 inches into the ground. As a result, if there is a septic tank nearby, it might get punctured and destroyed.

Therefore, avoid planting anything with deep roots. Alternatively, you can choose to place potted plants.

2. Don’t Grow a Vegetable Garden

Although the roots of vegetable plants don’t penetrate too deeply into the soil, it is best to avoid them.

It’s easy for your food garden to become polluted. Before it is handled, waste might potentially find its way into your vegetable garden. It’s a big issue as the waste will contaminate your vegetables.

There’s a risk that hazardous elements in your soil will be ingested by the plants. These substances are harmful to the soil’s condition and may harm or kill your plants.

3. Don’t Put Heavy Things on Top

It should go without saying, but you should never put anything heavy on top of the septic tank.

There is no precise number for the weight pressure that a septic tank can withstand. However, you should be aware that driving and parking automobiles over a septic isn’t recommended. A heavy vehicle, such as a car, will exert a lot of strain on the tank, potentially breaking it.

You shouldn’t even drive across the drain field since the car could smash the lines. It has the potential to compress the soil, obstructing the drain field’s flow.

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