5 Cyclic Fashion Trends That Are Back In Style

by Rosemarie Hardison
5 cyclic fashion trends that are back in style

They say every twenty years or so, fashion trends tend to recycle and become popular again. This appears to be pretty accurate, although some fashion styles seem to be timeless and continue for decades.

Here are some of the current fashion trends that have come back in style after a long hiatus.

1. Loafers

It’s said that loafers originated in 1920s England as a casual shoe for King George VI to ‘loaf around’ in. By the 1950s, loafers were popular in the United States and became a status symbol of Ivy League culture.

There have been many different styles of loafers made since their invention, including penny loafers, slip-ons, loafers with tassels and horse bits, basket weaves, kilts, and more. Today, most people opt for leather loafers, especially professional women who want to dress up for work comfortably.

Women’s leather loafers are getting even more popular because more celebrities are starting to wear them out in public. They’ve always been easy to find in department stores, but it seems like they’re finally making an official comeback.

2. 1980s clothes

While people aren’t specifically wearing 80s replica fashion, or even vintage 80s clothing, the 1980s are heavily influencing contemporary fashion. So far, we’ve seen bright geometric patterns, oversized blazers, bold neon colors, and vests, just to name a few trends.

These styles are reminiscent of the 1980s, but still carry a new look and feel, sometimes even crossing over into the realm of a bizarre fashion show.

3. 1990s clothes

It appears that the entire 1990s are back with a passion. Not only are young people starting to relive the early days of the internet through building free websites on Neocities (a new version of Geocities), but ’90s fashion has been making the rounds for many years now.

For example, JNCO, a popular brand from the 1990s known for making wide legged and super-wide legged jeans, was repurchased by the original owners several years ago and has been selling a new line of old classics. The new jeans are just like the originals, with some slight differences in the stitching and design, but overall, they’re just as good (and a little more expensive).

Other 1990s fashion trends making a comeback include:

  • Cardigans
  • Low-rise jeans
  • Jean shorts
  • Sheer dresses
  • Knee socks
  • Leather chokers
  • Thick headbands
  • Adidas Slides
  • Claw hair clips
  • Cargo pants
  • Bucket hats

For many people, the 1990s never ended. For the younger generation, they’re just starting to discover this interesting and creative time.

4. Argyle sweaters

Who doesn’t love a cozy argyle sweater? For some people, argyle sweaters symbolize intelligence and make them feel a little more comfortable being geeky.

Argyle is a timeless pattern that doesn’t seem to get extremely popular, but there are always people who embrace it, even if they’re a small number.

It doesn’t matter what your age is, you’re never too old to wear argyle. In fact, it’s more common for older people to wear argyle sweaters to the office when they’re allowed to dress more casually. It gives people the impression that you’re relaxed, smart, and a little more sophisticated than someone who just wears baggy hoodies and jeans on Casual Friday.

5. Ballet flats

Although some people say you shouldn’t wear ballet flats because they don’t support your feet, they are back in style and many people find them extremely comfortable. They’re easy to put on, soft and flexible, and you can wear them with just about anything. You can even slip them into a bag if you need to change your shoes for some reason while you’re out and about.

The only real problem with ballet flats is if they don’t fit you properly. This is the same issue with every shoe, though. It’s always crucial to make sure you have shoes that fit properly to avoid damaging your feet and maintain proper posture while you stand or walk.

The specific problem with ballet flats is the narrow toe box. Research shows that when your toes are restricted in a tight toe box, it actually changes your bone structure and overall feet. If you’re going to wear ballet flats, make sure your toes have enough room without getting squished.

What fashion trend is next?

It’s hard to say what fashion trend is going to make a comeback next, but if the 20-year cycle is accurate, we can expect to see some 2000s fashion soon, like ripped jeans and t-shirts, huge designer bags, and tracksuits.

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