6 Ways You Can Increase Your Home’s Value

by Rosemarie Hardison
ways you can increase your homes value

Your home isn’t just a place where you pass your free time and live happily. It is also an asset that can be financially helpful when you most need it. Turning your property into a valuable asset can be very beneficial for you as well as your family.

Therefore you must aim to increase the value of your home. However, increasing your home’s value can be subjective. It could depend on many different elements. Elements like the neighborhood in which you live, local property demand, and the overall economy are all factors to consider.

However, property owners can significantly raise the value of their homes over time and make improvements and adjustments that boost their appeal or attractiveness and make them worth a higher price point.

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6 Best Ways To Boost Your Home Value

1. Add More Surface Area To Your Home

Incorporating extra surface area into your current home could really make quite a lot of economic sense. That would be mostly in places where accessible property investment is scarce and property area is limited.

Households are valued and rated according to their habitable square meters, and the more habitable square meters they have, the nicer. As a consequence, adding a restroom, a master bedroom, or another necessary area to a household can improve function while also increasing value.

Including an independent mother-in-law suite is also a wise decision.

2. Maintain A Clean Environment

According to a  study, deep maintenance and clearing of your household can add well over $4,000 to its resale price. Purchasers value a tidy, enchanting home, but even if you don’t intend to sell, you might stand to gain from producing quality use of your space, becoming more organized, and having minimal messiness to worry about.

While housekeeping and clearing are cheap, they still take a substantial amount of effort. Start by going through shelves and wardrobes and creating a charity pile. Inspect your home’s drawers and other storage units as well, making sure you’re not keeping something you do not really need.

3. Make Your House More Energy Efficient

There could be numerous recommendations to fix or increase your home’s efficiency that does not require tens of thousands of dollars in additions. For example, Adding a smart thermostat, for instance, is an effective way to enhance the overall effectiveness and save finances.

The perfect temperature controller will enable a householder to regulate the conditions of their residence from just about anywhere, providing the ability to organize energy costs whether they are lying on the sofa or on a weekend getaway.

Improvements in smart home devices, especially when linked to the HVAC, the home’s biggest electrical mechanism, provide a powerful selling proposition and showcase the home’s comfort levels, operability, power efficiency, and simplicity.

This rapid improvement can cost anywhere from $150 to $400, with an average cost of around $200. Some other ways to increase the effectiveness and value of the property usually involve replacing old, leaking glass panels, implementing energy-efficient consumer electronics, and adding insulation.

4. Smarten It Up With Paint

Paint is magical, and this is truly the case whether you’re painting the interior or the exterior of your residence. Even old exteriors and interiors can benefit from a new paint job, and it’s not that costly.

You can consider spending somewhere around $2 to $6 per square foot to change the color in one room, according to a report.

5. Increase The Attractiveness Of Your Household

Making efforts to boost the aesthetic appeal is a significant move you can make in order to increase the market value of your household. According to a recent 2020 analysis, curb appeal can contribute up to 7% to a property’s value.

Building fresh curb stones or an open-air kitchen can also increase a property’s value while making it much more entertaining and pleasant if you don’t intend to sell it right away.

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6. Upgrade Your Kitchen’s Look

Countless purchasers focus on the kitchen as the most significant aspect of a household, so if yours is neglected, it may affect the price of the household and reduce its value. Similarly, if you are unable to fully utilize your kitchen due to design, room, or other issues, you will not be maximizing the space.

If upgrading your entire kitchen is just too much work, a small makeover could still have an effect on the value of your residence. Hygiene and quality of preserving your food also increase the worth of your kitchen.


As we saw above, trying to make house repairs can significantly raise the value of a property, whether you want to sell it or remodel it. This guide will help you sell your home.

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