7 Exceptional Applications & Uses Of Solar Energy

by Rosemarie Hardison
7 exceptional applications uses of solar energy

Everyone knows the need to reduce environmental harm. Wastage and overconsumption of limited resources on the planet have posed uncertainty over life on the earth. This uncertainty has been made possible due to human negligence and increasing demands.

There are ways to attain these demands without harming nature. Technology has helped people in achieving this to a large extent. One of these innovative ways is by using renewable forms of energy. A great example of renewable energy is solar energy.

Sun energy is undoubtedly the next-gen driving force that will lead to sustainable development. You can witness the application of solar energy at several places like malls, buildings rooftops, etc.

Nowadays, even many road lights are replaced by solar street lighting due to their phenomenal benefits. These have become popular because of the numerous benefits and advantages they carry.

Top 7 Brilliant Uses Of Solar Energy

The following point highlights the best or the most effective applications of solar energy.

1. Solar Electricity

Solar electricity has been one of the most long-driven applications of solar energy. Traditional or regular forms of electricity need power generation. This leads to an enormous amount of harmful chemical compounds, mainly carbon.

Solar electricity converts the sun’s rays into electricity. This electricity is then stored in their panels. This leads to zero pollution. The conversion process takes place through the photovoltaic system. It is an amazing option for people living in areas prone to regular power cuts. Solar panels provide electricity irrespective of any event (power cut, weather variations, etc.).

2. Heating Through Solar Energy

Solar heating is one of the most underrated usages of solar energy. The radiant floors heat the home or place using the stored solar energy in winter. To execute the solar heating, the resident or businessman must be aware of the building material, size & placement of windows, etc. These factors can impact the effectiveness of solar heaters.

3. Solar Lighting

As mentioned earlier, solar lighting has become an omnipresent thing. You would hardly see any traditional yellow street lights, especially in metropolitan cities. These provide more light and visibility at night.

These also give an aesthetic feel to the surroundings. Considering their cost and lifespan, solar lights can provide a considerable edge to your home and office fixtures. They are easy to clean and set up. They can live up to 50000 hours without any stoppage or inconsistency.

4. Air Provision Using Solar

Solar water heaters have become a common household name due to their excellent utility benefit. These heaters act as natural geysers. The heaters use a cell constructed on the rooftop. When the sun’s rays fall on this cell, they flow the heat into the water tank.

Besides household purposes, solar water heaters are used in many hotels and resorts where swimming pools are present. The cells are attached to a particular place with the water in a collection tank. The cell transfers the solar energy and heats the water in the tank. Eventually, the tank ejects the water into swimming pools.

5. Charge your Phone Anytime

Today, solar photovoltaic (PV) chargers are extensively used to charge electric gadgets and devices like mobile phones, laptops, tabs, smart watches, etc. The devices already have the required interface or material to charge with these solar-powered chargers.

The quality of these chargers depends on the weight, size, features, etc. Your devices can also be used with solar energy, such as an electronic safe for home.

6. Transportation Using Sun Energy

It might sound very impractical to travel to different places in solar-powered vehicles. But, it is true that vehicles can generate electricity by successful conversion of sun energy into electricity. Electric buses, trains, cars, etc., have been launched and are in trend.

An additional leap is the usage of solar energy to force these vehicles. However, scientists are trying to renovate and modify this type of solar usage. The idea and development will take time to gain success and popularity commercially.

7. Ventilation Through Solar

There are many trends revolving around solar ventilation products. These solar-powered fans provide decent cooling during hot weather or the summer season.

These fans heat the natural air before it makes contact or entry with the system or structure. These not only work efficiently in summer but are also adequate heat providers during the winter season.


These developments and inventions in transforming & shifting daily chores through renewable energy sources are gradually coming into trend. People have accepted solar energy and its numerous variants due to increasing alerts of environmental effects.

However, with different uses, there are several downsides to solar energy. You should be aware of these implications before installing a street light, a solar heater, a ventilator, or any XYZ solar-powered device.