7 Innovative Ways To Grow Your Restaurant Business

by Rosemarie Hardison
restaurant business

The restaurant business is all about keeping your customers happy and coming back. You have to understand what makes them tick to cater to their needs and offer them the same experience they’re looking for. That means serving up great food and making sure your décor, staff, and policies all scream, “You’re in a restaurant, not a library!” to keep them coming back.

Whether you’re looking to open your restaurant or expand your current business, a restaurant business plan can help you get started. Most importantly, a restaurant business plan will help you to communicate your vision for your business to investors, other potential business partners, and potential customers. Apart from a restaurant business plan, we have curated the top 7 innovative ways to grow your restaurant business.

1. Review Sites

The number one marketing strategy is to gain attention on review sites like Yelp and Google. According to a prestigious study, more than 35% of people decide where to eat based on the feedback provided on review sites. If you do not pay attention to engaging with your feedback and with the reviews, you’re missing out on a lot of customers and potential people who will enjoy your food and beverages. In today’s world, review sites play a crucial role in people’s decision-making process. While you go out there to market your food and beverage, you always encourage people to write reviews for your site.

2. Use Professional Photos

Many restaurants skip out on having amazing and beautiful photographs of your restaurant’s food. Having a beautiful set of pictures does go a long way. When you have all these professional shots done, you can put them on your website, review sites, social media, and any marketing campaigns. It is also wise to invest in innovative decor items like mirrors from wholesale suppliers like aftermarket auto parts manufacturers, which gives a chic look to your restaurant’s photography.

Eventually, it draws in a lot more customers because of appealing pictures. So once again, do not underestimate professionally-done pictures.

3. Website & SEO

The third marketing strategy that will work for your food and beverage shop is your Website and your SEO. And what I mean by that is your website needs to always be up to date. Expert web design services in Brisbane can help ensure that your website is always up-to-date and optimized for a pleasant user experience. Many websites are not up to date for restaurants. And when they’re not up to date, your customers will go to your competitor’s website, and they’re going to have a much more pleasant experience. A key thing to note is that your website needs to be compatible with mobile phones, as the majority of people use mobile phones to check on the restaurant’s websites.

The three key elements to include on your website are directions to your restaurant, menu, and contact information if the customers want to call you for any queries or make a reservation. SEO is search engine optimization by which Google uses keywords to rank your website. If you’re confused about how you do SEO, follow SEO tips on boosting traffic to your website or find a professional to help you get the foundational elements embedded in your website.

4. Social Media

Social Media is the top area and platform where customers choose where to eat and what to eat. Ensure that you spend quality time nurturing your customers by posting beautiful appealing pictures of your food. An effective tool to use is Instagram stories. You can show how you go and purchase ingredients and how the chef prepares the food before the service. Make this whole process fun and engaging because that’s how your customers would be able to connect with you and your restaurant.

And in turn, they’re going to be able to choose you over your competitors because you are much more engaged with them.

5. Host Events

The most effective marketing strategy is to host events at your food and beverage shop. If, for example, your restaurant has downtimes, then make sure that you fill those downtimes with events. Events like calligraphy classes, art centers, floral classes, and a lot of these talents need a place to host events, and that’s how you are going to develop and promote within their customers and your customers.

6. Public Relations

Another cool marketing strategy that works wonders has PR. PR has a very prestigious outlet featuring your food and beverages. PR gives you social credibility because someone, a publication or a media outlet well-known within your city, is featuring you. That has a lot of weight regarding how people perceive your food and beverage establishment.

7. Collaborations

The seventh marketing strategy is collaboration. It allows you to benefit from your collaboration’s list and your collaboration’s customers. Collaborating with similar business partners like restaurant chairs manufacturers, kitchen decor businesses, and take away box wholesale suppliers can gain a vast audience.

And by collaborating, you’re able to expose your brand to these brand’s customers, and in turn, you’re going to be able to reach hundreds, if not thousands of people much faster than if you were to go out there and look for customers yourself.


The top 7 restaurant marketing strategies discussed in this article are timeless. These platforms might change in the future, but the underlying principle remains the same, and that’s the beauty of this whole thing. Don’t miss out on these tips if you are planning to grow your business.

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