A Range of Date Night Ideas for Busy Parents

by Rosemarie Hardison
a range of date night ideas for busy parents

Being a parent can be a struggle at times. Not only can work and family life leave you feeling drained, but striking up a balance between looking after the family and yourself can be a challenge. Additionally, many couples struggle to find time to dedicate to each other as they’re too busy being parents. It’s all entirely understandable, but it’s important to set aside a few evenings a month for a date night.

After all, finding time to keep the connection with your partner strong is important. It isn’t easy, though. In order to combat any issues in this area, it’s worth putting some serious thought into a few date night ideas. Of course, it can be tempting to stay indoors and watch movies on Netflix, have a homemade dinner, or even abandon your potential evening out for a product like the A Night Out game, a product that features dancefloor and drinks symbols, but it’s important to hire a babysitter, venture out together, and invest in your relationship.

Another entirely understandable issue, though, is that it can be hard to come up with exciting date night ideas once parenthood has taken over. Thankfully, here are a few options below that are capable of providing you with the magical date night you deserve.

Take a cooking class together

Instead of one-half of the relationship continually doing the cooking, you should join forces after smashing through a cooking class together. Cooking classes are fun; you’ll learn new dishes to cook for the family, and it’ll provide a few laughs along the way, particularly if you manage to overcook something or add too much salt to a new dish you’re learning.

Attend a sports match together

Whether you have a local soccer team around the corner or you’re a passionate American football fan, attending a sports match is a surefire way to create lasting memories. You can sing chants together, celebrate a win together, capture memorable photos and video content, and enjoy having fun in an electric atmosphere.

Try a highly-rated restaurant you haven’t been to

Going out for dinner isn’t exactly the most unique idea in the world, but most people tend to frequent their tried and tested venues. In order to unleash your more adventurous side and to potentially discover a new place to eat in the process, assess some highly-rated restaurants that you haven’t been to before and enjoy a new and tasty dining experience.

Get a couples massage

Being a parent is stressful. As such, it’s important to unwind together at times. A massage is a favored option for many, with couples massages being a great thing to do together with a professional masseuse. Afterward, you’ll feel reinvigorated and ready to be the best parent you can possibly be once again.

Crazy golf is a must

Sinking a few balls and enjoying some friendly competition through crazy golf is another way to generate a few laughs and create a memorable date night together. While go-karting is also a good option, crazy golf is far less intense and can be enjoyed while sipping your favorite beverage and chatting away with your special person.

Sing together

Be it through some karaoke or a local choir you’ve just joined together, singing as a pair is another great way of strengthening your connection. Whether you take it seriously or not doesn’t really matter; it’s about taking yourself out of your comfort zone and bursting into song.

Also consider a picturesque picnic, reading a book together, booking your next holiday, rewriting your wedding vows, baking something together, volunteering together, and visiting a nearby city.

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