Andrew Huberman’s Wife: Who Is She? Is the 140 Million View YouTube PhD Married or Dating?

by Rosemarie Hardison

We’ve all witnessed the intricate workings of Andrew Huberman’s mind. But now, it’s time to navigate the uncharted territory of his heart.

So, today, I’m answering the question on everyone’s mind: Who is Andrew Huberman’s wife?

Join me as I uncover the neuroscientist’s relationship status and past romantic pursuits.

Who Is Andrew Huberman?

Before we dig into the deets of Andrew Huberman’s love life, let’s get to know the influential figure behind the Huberman Lab podcast.

Born on September 26, 1975, Andrew David Huberman isn’t your regular brainiac. He earned his bachelor’s degree at UC Santa Barbara, got his M.A. at UC Berkeley, and capped it off with a Ph.D. at UC Davis.

In 2021, he launched the highly successful Huberman Lab. It quickly shot to the global charts, consistently ranking as one of Spotify’s most popular podcasts.

Donning his signature black shirt, Andrew Huberman dishes out science-backed insights on health and nutrition in an easy-to-digest manner. His goal is to improve the lives of his listeners using low-cost but scientific techniques. 

With over 140 million views on YouTube, his podcast has made him an international wellness influencer.

That’s not all. The intellectual powerhouse is also a tenured professor at Stanford, where he completed his post-doc training. There, he helms an actual Huberman Lab, where he studies brain cell growth and breathing techniques.

Is Andrew Huberman Married?

Is Andrew Huberman Married

Image source: twitter

No, Andrew Huberman hasn’t walked down the aisle, and there’s no official word or public record of him tying the knot.

The man with the mic keeps a low profile when it comes to matters of the heart.

In an episode of My First Million with Sam Parr and Shaan Puri, he briefly mentioned being in a relationship but didn’t spill the juicy details.

Andrew Huberman breaks down complex scientific topics on his podcast but is hush-hush about his personal life.

This adds to the enigma of the neuroscientist, who is also jacked like an athlete and listens to punk rock music.

Is Andrew Huberman Dating?

Andrew Huberman’s professional life is an open book, but he has successfully kept his romantic relationships under wraps.

Dive into the depths of his Instagram or X pages, and you won’t find the slightest hint about his private affairs.

With a full plate of passion projects, it’s no wonder the professor has no time to spare. Andrew Huberman is super-busy with academic research, creating content, writing, globe-trotting, and honing his photography skills.

But this is good news for fans, as he can focus on serving up more science-based tools for self-improvement.

And while Andrew Huberman is mum on his romantic pursuits, he doesn’t shy away from love-related topics. Here are some episodes he dedicates to the subject:

  • Building Healthy Relationships
  • Long-Term Relationships and Effects on Hormones
  • Relationships vs. Outcomes, Deconstructing Emotions
  • Seasonality, Romantic Passion, and Testosterone
  • The Science of Love, Desire, and Attachment

Andrew Huberman’s Past Relationships

Andrew Huberman

Image source: Google

The American podcaster has been tight-lipped about his past romantic entanglements.

Although he admitted to having a relationship at some point, the identity of his significant other remains a mystery.

There’s no digital trail of his love life, but who hasn’t experienced a fair share of romantic roller coasters, right?

But why the secrecy?

Well, it seems Andrew Huberman isn’t keen on putting his private affairs under the public microscope, which often comes with being in the limelight.

Does Andrew Huberman Have Kids?

No, Andrew Huberman has no kids—he made that clear during his appearance on My First Million podcast.

However, the 48-year-old Standford professor isn’t ruling out the idea of family life down the road.

Andrew Huberman revealed he’s an all-in kind of guy. When he’s ready to put down roots, he dreams of a big household with five little Hubermans.

Which Celebrity Has a Crush on Andrew Huberman?

Cheryl Burke

Image source: Google

Somebody’s got a major crush on the professor, and it’s none other than TV host and dancer Cheryl Burke!

In an exclusive interview with ET, the accomplished dancer spilled the tea on her post-divorce dating plans. When asked about her ideal crush, Burke has someone specific in mind—Andrew Huberman.

Burke couldn’t help but gush about Andrew’s brilliance and expressed her desire to feature the neuroscientist on her “Burke In The Game” podcast.

However, Cheryl Burke Burke admitted that the odds of Huberman gracing her show were a bit of a long shot. (As of now, Andrew Huberman hasn’t appeared on her iHeartRadio podcast.)

Burke shared that while she steers clear of dating apps, she’s open to indulging in a bit of “internet crushing.”

When pressed on whether the professor is aware of her feelings, Cheryl Burke revealed that Andrew Huberman is clueless about the crush. (Well, not anymore!)

So, now all we can do is sit tight and see if this online admiration turns into something more in real life!

Interesting Facts About Andrew Huberman You Should Know About

Interesting Facts

Here are a few fascinating tidbits about Andrew Huberman:

  • Andrew Huberman jumped into the skateboarding scene in the Bay Area after his parents divorced.
  • The podcaster sparked controversy when he said he was scared of sunscreen as much as he was of melanoma.
  • He loves to gaze into the sun first thing in the morning to regulate his sleep-wake cycle and boost his mood.
  • After a stare-down with the sun, he takes a quick cold bath for a rush of feel-good hormones.
  • His favorite caffeine drink is yerba mate tea. However, he waits two hours after waking up before taking a sip.
  • He has followed the same fitness routine for three decades straight.
  • The neuroscientist is a certified metalhead! He loves punk and hardcore music.
  • Don’t forget to drop a comment on YouTube; he reads them!

Final Thoughts

For now, the name of Andrew Huberman’s wife remains blank! The global influencer has never been married and doesn’t have kids.

There are no tell-tale signs that Andrew Huberman is dating either.

Between his podcast and Stanford lectures, it seems the neuroscientist has no time for love and is enjoying the single life.

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