Everything We Know About Annabelle Wallis’ Nose Job

by Rosemarie Hardison
Annabelle Wallis

If you’re a Peaky Blinders fan like me or an Annabelle Wallis fan, you probably already know whether she got a nose job. In fact, you might’ve even noticed exactly when in the show she got her nose job and what she changed exactly.

However, if you’ve only seen the half English, half Portuguese actress in one of her numerous other works, this may come as a surprise to you.

Go through her photos from before 2014 and you’ll see it crystal clear. Annabelle Wallis did get a nose job that completely changed the most prominent feature of her face.

When Did Annabelle Get a Nose Job?

While she hasn’t made any comments about the nose job rumor, I could tell from her appearance in Peaky Blinders that she had this nose job between seasons one and two.

That means that she got a nose job around the end of 2013. The exact time or date isn’t confirmed, but you can see the difference clearly in season two of Peaky Blinders, which aired in October 2014.

What Changed About Her Nose?

Two main features were altered in Annabelle Wallis’ nose; the bridge of her nose and the shape of her nostrils.

Pre-operation, she had a pronounced bump right in the middle of the bridge that arched upwards and slightly to the sides. This bump is now completely gone, leaving her nose as straight as an arrow.

The second, more subtle change was in the shape of her nostrils and tip. Before the rhinoplasty surgery, Annabelle had wide, rounded nostrils that morphed into the tip of her nose.

After the procedure, you could see that the tip of her nose is more refined and accentuated, and her nostrils are reduced.

Fans’ Reactions

Annabelle’s nose job got surprisingly polarized reactions from her fans and other people online, and I kind of understand why. After all, even I can’t fully decide if the change was for the better or worse.

Some believed it was a welcome change that she needed. After all, her nose was possibly the first thing you notice about Annabelle when you see her on the screen. For that reason, some people believed that this would give her a chance to get casted for better roles.

On the flip side, some of her loyal fans and viewers—including me—believe that she gave up the one unique feature of her face for a basic, unremarkable look.

People who object to the procedure believe that her natural nose made her more relatable, gave her a unique charm, and made her more human than other Hollywood stars.

Final Thoughts About Nose Jobs

From Beyonce to Ryan Gosling, numerous celebrities have gotten their noses fixed, and some are very vocal about it.

Annabelle Wallis is far from the only celebrity to have done their nose in the middle of her career. However, given how private she is, it’s not likely that we’ll ever hear a statement about that from her.

Featured image source: Pinterest

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