Raise Your ‘Not-a-Cup’ High: Ingenious ‘Anything But Cups’ Party Ideas

by Rosemarie Hardison

An Anything But A Cup party is a themed party where guests are asked to drink a beverage in a container other than a cup. 

The idea is to get guests to think creatively and come up with unusual ways to consume their drinks beyond basic party supplies. This type of party can add a fun and unique twist to any event.

Here are some of the rules of an Anything But A Cup party:

1. Flower Vase

Why limit the beauty of flowers to just bouquets? Turn a large flower vase into a grandiose cocktail glass. Sipping your drink from the elegant stem feels like you’re drinking straight from a fountain of joy.

2. Condiment Bottles

2. Condiment Bottles

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Who says ketchup and mustard are only meant for hot dogs? Empty and clean those condiment bottles and fill them with your favorite beverages. Your friends will be squeezing out laughter with every sip.

3. Beach Buckets

Time to relive those carefree days at the beach! Grab those colorful plastic beach buckets, fill them with your drinks, and let the ocean waves of laughter roll in.

4. Watering Cans

Hydration is essential, even at a party! Grab a clean watering can, fill it with your refreshing drink, and pour yourself a delightful dose of fun. Water your soul with laughter!

5. Trophies

Raise your ‘not-a-cup’ like a champion! Dust off those old trophies and turn them into your ultimate party chalices. It’s time to drink to your victories and toast to the memories.

6. Edible Cups

Step into a world of culinary creativity by using edible cups. Hollow out bell peppers, sturdy fruits like pineapples or watermelons, and fill them with your drink of choice. Sip, nibble, and savor the unique combination of flavors.

7. Teapots

7. Teapots

Image source: Tiktok (@aleearroyo_)

It’s time for a whimsical tea party like no other. Pour your drinks from a charming teapot and let the magic brew. As Alice in Wonderland would say, “It’s always tea time at an ‘Anything But Cups’ party!”

8. Ladle

Stir up some laughter and serve your drinks with a ladle. It’s a spoonful of hilarity that will have your guests in stitches. Just be careful not to spill—the fun is meant to be contained in the cup, or rather, ‘not-a-cup’!

9. Lego Structure

Build your way to beverage bliss with Lego bricks. Construct a cup-like structure using colorful bricks and watch your guests marvel at the ingenuity. It’s interactive, imaginative, and a perfect excuse to play with toys as adults.

10. Bird Feeder

Feed your party spirit with a quirky twist. Use a cleaned-out bird feeder as your drink vessel, and let your guests flock to see this hilarious party surprise. Watch as they tweet their delight with each sip.

11. Pet Bowls

11. Pet Bowls

Image source: Google

Who says humans can’t drink from pet bowls? Channel your inner furry friend and sip your drink from a clean and labeled pet bowl. It’s a playful way to unleash your animal instincts.

12. Garden Pots

12. Garden Pots

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Toast to the beauty of nature by repurposing clean garden pots as drink containers. It’s a blooming good idea that adds a touch of greenery to your party. Let the plants envy your sips of joy.

13. Toy Dump Trucks

Time to play in the sandbox of laughter! Grab a clean toy dump truck, fill it to the brim with your favorite drink, and let the good times roll. It’s a ‘not-a-cup’ that will have your guests digging for more.

14. Frisbees

14. Frisbees

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Catch some fun and hydrate at the same time! Flip over those Frisbees, fill them with your chosen libations, and toss them around for a game of catch and sip. It’s flying refreshment at its finest.

15. Fishbowls

Dive into a sea of laughter with fishbowls as your drink containers. Fill them with colorful concoctions and let your guests swim in a wave of amusement. Just remember, no actual fish allowed!

16. Toilet Plungers

Plunge into the realm of outrageousness by using clean toilet plungers as unconventional drink holders. It’s a plunging-good time that will make your guests flush with laughter.

17. Pizza Boxes

Pizza and drinks—a match made in party heaven! Convert clean pizza boxes into individual drink trays, complete with cup holders. It’s a slice of ingenuity that’ll satisfy your hunger for laughter.

18. Rubber Chickens

Embrace the absurdity of ‘not-a-cups’ with rubber chickens as your drink companions. Squeeze them, laugh with them, and sip from them. It’s clucking hilarious!

19. Traffic Cones

19. Traffic Cones

Image source: Google

Rev up the party spirit with clean traffic cones as drink cups. Turn your gathering into a pit stop of hilarity as you sip from these unconventional vessels. Remember, the only traffic allowed is the one heading straight to the refreshments.

20. Cassette Tapes

Rewind to the ’80s and mix nostalgia with merriment. Turn old cassette tapes into drink containers and hit play on a night full of laughter and good vibes. It’s like drinking from a musical time capsule.

21. Rubik’s Cube

Twist and turn your way to drinkable delight with a Rubik’s Cube transformed into a ‘not-a-cup.’ Solve the puzzle of thirst while challenging your friends to a sip and solve competition.

22. Garden Gnomes

Let those whimsical garden gnomes join in on the fun! Give them a sip-worthy makeover by turning them into drink containers. It’s a gnome-tastic way to add a touch of enchantment to your gathering.

23. Shovels

Dig into a creative drinking experience with clean shovels as your ‘not-a-cup’ of choice. It’s time to excavate the fun and toast to good times. Just make sure you leave the actual digging for the backyard.

24. Mini Bathtubs

Take a dip in a sea of laughter by repurposing mini bathtubs as drink vessels. Fill them with your favorite beverages and let the bubbles of joy overflow. It’s a bathing experience like no other.

25. Cowboy Boots

Yee-haw! Kick up your heels and quench your thirst from clean cowboy boots turned into drink containers. It’s a rootin’-tootin’ way to add a touch of Western flair to your party.

26. Tennis Rackets

Serve up some laughter with tennis rackets as drink holders. Hang them on the walls or prop them up on tables, ready to catch your guests’ attention. It’s a smashing way to celebrate in style.

27. Gasoline Cans

Fuel up your party with clean gasoline cans repurposed as drink containers. It’s a quirky nod to the road trip spirit and a surefire way to ignite laughter among your guests.

28. Mini Suitcases

Pack your party spirit and take off on an adventure with mini suitcases as ‘not-a-cups.’ Fill them with your preferred libations and embark on a journey of laughter and delight.

29. Plastic Shovels

It’s time to shovel down some fun! Grab those colorful plastic shovels, flip them over, and use them as unique drink vessels. It’s a digging expedition that will have everyone thirsting for more.

30. Toolboxes

Unleash your inner handyman or handywoman with cleaned toolboxes as drink containers. Fill them with refreshing concoctions and let the DIY spirit flow. It’s a construction zone of laughter.

31. Cowboy Hats

Howdy, partner! Tip your cowboy hat and sip your drink from its brim. It’s a rodeo of mirth that’ll have your guests saying, “Yee-haw!” with every toast.

32. Plastic Tubs

It’s time to think big! Use clean plastic tubs as oversized drink vessels. Fill them with ice, add your beverages, and let the party overflow. It’s a tubular experience that will keep your drinks cool and your guests laughing.

33. Birdcages

Set your drinks free in ornate birdcages turned drink holders. It’s a whimsical touch that’ll have your guests chirping with joy. Just make sure no one tries to fly away with their drink.

34. Coffee Filters

Brew up some laughter with coffee filters as unique drink containers. Fill them with your favorite beverages, tie them up with a string, and let the flavor percolate through. It’s a caffeinated twist on party drinks.

35. Tool Belts

Get handy with your drink choices by using tool belts as unconventional drink holders. Fill the pockets with bottles and cans, and let your guests indulge in a DIY-style refreshment experience.

36. Cactus Pots

Add a prickly sense of humor to your party by using clean cactus pots as drink vessels. Fill them with your chosen libations and let the desert vibes inspire laughter and good times.

37. Plastic Beach Balls

Inflate the fun factor by turning plastic beach balls into drink dispensers. Fill them up with your preferred beverages, give them a squeeze, and watch the laughter roll in. It’s a party decoration that doubles as entertainment.

38. Garden Hoses

Water your party with laughter by using clean garden hoses as unconventional drink dispensers. Attach nozzles to control the flow and let your guests have a hydrating blast.

39. Toy Tea Sets

Elevate your drink presentation with toy tea sets. It’s a delightful throwback to childhood tea parties, but with a grown-up twist. Sip your beverage like royalty and revel in the whimsy.

40. Wine Bottles

Give your wine bottles a makeover by turning them into stylish drink dispensers. It’s a sophisticated and eco-friendly way to serve your beverages. Just make sure you have enough corkscrews for everyone to enjoy the ‘pour’formance.

41. Rubber Gloves

41. Rubber Gloves

Image source: Google

Get a grip on your drink with clean rubber gloves transformed into humorous drink holders. It’s hand(y) entertainment for everyone. Just remember to remove the gloves before attempting any magic tricks.

42. Soup Cans

Warm up your party with soup cans repurposed as drink containers. It’s a tasty twist that adds a dash of humor to your sipping experience. Choose from an array of soups or fill them with your favorite cocktail concoctions.

43. Ice Cream Cones

Add a touch of sweetness to your drinks by using ice cream cones as unconventional drink vessels. It’s a delightful combination of treats and libations. Just be quick before your drink starts to melt!

44. PVC Pipes

Construct your own ‘not-a-cup’ masterpiece by using clean PVC pipes as drink containers. It’s an engineering feat that will leave your guests impressed. Just make sure to use the right pipe size for the perfect sip.

45. Glow Sticks

Light up the night with glow sticks as your drink companions. Activate these colorful sticks and drop them into clear cups for a luminous beverage experience. It’s a glowing tribute to fun and festivity.


Get ready to party like never before with these outlandish ‘anything but cups’ ideas. Let your creativity flow, mix up your favorite drinks, and toast to a night of laughter, silliness, and unforgettable memories. 

Remember, when it comes to partying, the sky’s the limit—just make sure your drink doesn’t spill over it! Cheers to the wildest and most entertaining party you’ve ever thrown!

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