Question Of Choice: Buying Or Renting A Car

by Rosemarie Hardison
buying or renting a car

Buying a car is no longer a luxury, but a necessity. Having a car frees you from traveling on public transport and allows you to move around the city quickly and with the proper level of comfort. However, not every situation calls for your own car to be the best option.

When traveling on vacation to a new country, it is most often not possible to take your car with you. At the same time, in order to have time to see all the sights and move around in comfort, a luxury car rental is the best solution. This is especially true in hot countries such as the UAE, where having an air conditioner in your rental car will make your trip more enjoyable and save you energy. Car rental allows you to own a car only when you really need it. You determine the rental period, as well as the type of car you rent.

In this block, we will talk about the general advantages of renting a car compared to buying a personal car. Let us present and analyze the main arguments.

Renting A Car

1. No risks or serious financial losses

Buying a new car often comes with additional costs and possible risks. You just want to get behind the wheel of the desired vehicle and go about your business, but you still need to pay insurance, transport tax, and buy or rent a garage. In addition, there is always the possibility that the vehicle may break down. You will have to buy expensive parts and pay for repairs.

The rental service involves the use of transport only for its intended purpose. You don’t need to think about repairs, register the car, or get license plates. The rental company’s employees have already taken care of this for you.

2. You won’t have to worry about car maintenance

You don’t need to worry about repairs or the replacement of components. Qualified car rental employees have already taken care of your car’s ideal condition before use. You will receive a technically sound and insured car, which maintenance is carried out by the owner. Insurance and maintenance are the absolute responsibility of rental companies, which removes the responsibility from the renter.

3. You don’t have to adapt to the market and make compromises

In any case, before buying a personal car, you will have to make compromises. It is important to think carefully about the decision, take into account the realities of the market, and pay attention to the most optimal offer as opposed to desires and needs. For example, take a car with a color that will be in demand in the future so that later, you will be able to sell the car profitably.

When you rent a car, you immediately get behind the wheel and pay only the rental fee. You don’t have to save money, monitor prices on the car market, or worry about buying a car that you won’t like or that will be difficult to sell. Rental transport does not require you to find a compromise between your dream and your budget.

Buying A Car

If we consider the option of purchasing a car, we can negotiate its price or options. Here, you choose the make and model of the car and it’s color. In addition, the car is at your disposal at any time, and you will not have any mileage restrictions. Also, since the car is yours, you can decide to change it and keep it for a longer period; your asset will remain after you are done paying, and above all, you will have the opportunity to get some of your investment back by reselling the car.

On the other hand, you can expect higher monthly payments. The biggest disadvantage, of course, is depreciation. You lost up to 30-40% of the original cost immediately after leaving the dealership and about 10% after each subsequent year. Please note that depreciation varies greatly depending on the make, model, and condition of the vehicle.


To decide whether it is more profitable to use a personal car or a rental car, you need to consider how many kilometers a day you drive by car. For example, if you travel 60 kilometers or more to work and back every working day, then a personal car would be the best choice. If you travel less and prefer to fly for long distances, for example, on a trip to the sea, then it will be cheaper to operate a rental car.

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