Casino Lingo, You Should Be Familiar With

by Rosemarie Hardison
casino lingo

Visiting a land-based casino can be quite intimidating and especially if you are not familiar with the commonly used casino lingo. It can be embarrassing to request an interpretation of some of the phrases you will hear or be requested to perform.

In online casinos, you may also come across slang and phrases that may leave you floating. But this shouldn’t be the case, and that is why we present to you phrases you are likely to come across in a casino and their meanings. So that you use them like a veteran the next time you are in for some gambling entertainment. While at it, remember GGbet casino is your go-to online gambling platform for a huge variety of games and the most competitive odds in the market.


This refers to the money you are willing to play with at the casino. It is always wise for this amount to be money that you can risk losing.


After playing and winning, you will receive your winnings in the form of chips. That secure place in the casino where you exchange your chips for money is what is referred to as the cage. Hopefully, you will become a frequent visitor to the cage.


This is a card game player. You would want to avoid them at poker games because you may lose a lot. You may play with them other games like Roulette because it’s the house they will be taking money away from.

Card washing

This is a term that is no longer actively used as it was in the past. It is the act of mixing cards and shuffling them. Nowadays, this has been replaced by shuffling machines which have helped in saving time.


This is the currency used in gambling. They come in different colors representing different denominations. You have most likely seen players fiddling with them in movies.


Comps are points you earn from a casino as a playing reward after signing up for their rewards program. When you accumulate points up to a certain amount, you can redeem them for selected gifts and discounts.


This refers to a table dealer in French. You can show your prowess in casino jargon by using it once in a while in games.

High Roller

A high roller refers to a player with a high bankroll, and you won’t fail to notice them on the casino floor due to their flamboyance. They stake highly with the aim of getting even higher rewards.

Pit Boss

This is the sharply dressed staff member you will see standing near the dealers in table games. Their role is to ensure fair play in the games.


This refers to a game spectator. They should, however, be at quite a distance from where the game is going on to avoid influencing it. Being a railbird can be a good starting place to understand games you are not familiar with.


A toke is slang for a tip. It is good casino manners to give the dealer a toke as a way of appreciation after a playing session.


These are the big boys of gambling. They are high-flying individuals that are casino owners’ favorites. They are wealthy and have a bankroll of insanely huge amounts to play with. They are mostly after the fun and not necessarily winning.

The next time the gambling bug bit you and you find yourself in the casino, these are some of the jargon you can expect to hear. You too, can impress patrons by throwing in a few during the games to flaunt a little prowess. Make sure you understand their context to avoid misuse.

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