The Ultimate Guide to Corgi Names: Celebrating the Regal Fluff

by Rosemarie Hardison
The Ultimate Guide to Corgi Names Celebrating the Regal Fluff

Ah, the Corgi! These adorable, stumpy-legged canines have not only trotted their way into the British royal palaces but also into the hearts of millions worldwide. 

Their regal stature, coupled with a mischievous twinkle in their eyes, often demands a name with just as much charm and charisma. 

Let’s delve into the magical world of Corgi names, shall we?

Top Picks for Male Corgi Names

When thinking of naming your male Corgi, consider names that reflect their brave, yet playful nature:

  1. Max – A favorite that means “the greatest.”
  2. Charlie – A fun, spirited name that suits a Corgi’s personality.
  3. Oliver – An elegant choice for a dog of royal heritage.
  4. Buddy – Perfect for a Corgi who’s always by your side.
  5. Jack – Simple and timeless, just like a Corgi’s appeal.
  6. Oscar – With a touch of grandeur, reminiscent of awards and ceremonies.
  7. Finn – A nod to adventure, great for an energetic Corgi.
  8. Leo – Short and majestic, symbolizing strength.
  9. Sam – Easygoing, a name for a Corgi who’s everyone’s friend.
  10. Jake – Robust and reliable, much like these loyal companions.

Favorite Female Corgi Names

Favorite Female Corgi Names

For your female Corgi, opt for names that echo their gentle yet feisty spirit:

  1. Bella – Meaning “beautiful,” a name befitting a graceful Corgi.
  2. Daisy – Floral and sweet, much like the demeanor of many Corgis.
  3. Lily – Delicate and pretty, capturing the essence of your furry friend.
  4. Rosie – Brings to mind rosy cheeks and the playful side of Corgis.
  5. Lucy – Classic and refined, an ode to the Corgi’s regal connections.
  6. Molly – Bubbly and bright, capturing a Corgi’s playful side.
  7. Zoe – Spirited and vivacious, a name full of zest.
  8. Ruby – Reflecting the richness and warmth of a Corgi’s coat.
  9. Sophie – Elegance and poise combined.
  10. Ivy – Fresh and lively, reminiscent of nature.

Royal-Inspired Corgi Names

Being the favored breed of Queen Elizabeth II, it’s no surprise that many Corgi owners lean towards regal names:

  1. Duke – A title of nobility and a strong name for a male Corgi.
  2. Victoria – After the iconic queen, ideal for a dignified female Corgi.
  3. Arthur – Legend has it; even King Arthur would’ve loved a Corgi by his side!
  4. Elizabeth (or Lizzy for short) – A direct nod to the reigning British queen.
  5. Windsor – After the royal family’s official surname.
  6. George – Timeless, representing the line of British kings.
  7. Charlotte – Graceful and regal, a name fit for a princess.
  8. Louis – Royal and dignified.
  9. Margaret – Classic and stately.
  10. Henry – A name that has graced many a British royal.

Fun and Quirky Corgi Names

Fun and Quirky Corgi Names

Corgis, with their endless energy and unique appearance, can carry some fun, quirky names:

  1. Peanut – Perfect for that small-sized bundle of joy!
  2. Waffles – For the Corgi with a golden-brown coat or just a sweet disposition.
  3. Niblet – Those tiny legs and that fluffy butt? Definitely a Niblet!
  4. Shortstack – A playful jab at their adorable short stature.
  5. Boots – Those furry paws do look like they’re wearing little boots, don’t they?
  6. Muffin – A sweet name for an even sweeter dog.
  7. Bubbles – Reflecting the bubbly and lively nature of Corgis.
  8. Pickle – Perfect for a Corgi that can be a little mischievous at times.
  9. Cupcake – A cute name for a dog that’s just as sweet.
  10. Squirt – For the little Corgi with a big personality!

Name Trends

Over the years, naming trends for Corgis have evolved. Interestingly, these trends often mirror popular culture, historical events, or shifts in society’s values. Some of the current trends include:

  1. Pop Culture Names: Drawing inspiration from the big screen and TV, names like Thor, Arya, and Loki have gained traction.
  2. Food-Inspired Names: Showcasing our love for food and our pets, cutesy names like Mochi, Caramel, and Brownie are on the rise.
  3. Nature-Inspired Names: In a nod to the environment, names like River, Willow, and Sky are blossoming.
  4. Short and Snappy Names: For those seeking something catchy, names like Zig, Dot, and Mip are in vogue.
  5. Historical or Vintage Names: Harkening back to a bygone era, names such as Winston, Amelia, and Eleanor bring a touch of nostalgia.

On that note, it’s also essential to have a few tips up your sleeve when choosing a name.

Name Advice

Selecting the right name for your Corgi is more than just a fun task; it’s an important decision. Here’s some sage advice:

  1. Easy Pronunciation: Opt for a name you can pronounce without a hitch and one that stands out to your dog.
  2. Test The Name: Vocalize it several times. Can you envision calling this out at a park?
  3. Personal Connection: Ensure the name resonates. Whether it’s from your favorite novel or a nod to your heritage, it should strike a chord.
  4. Avoid Common Commands: Steer clear of names that sound like “sit,” “stay,” or “come” to avoid any training confusion.
  5. Evolution of Meaning: It’s worth noting that names can gather new associations over time. Ponder over potential future implications before finalizing.


Corgis, with their distinctive blend of grace and playfulness, deserve names that encapsulate their essence. 

Whether you lean towards traditional, royal, or something a bit quirky, one thing’s for sure: your Corgi will carry their name with pride and joy!

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