Love Messages That Will Drive Your Man Crazy

by Rosemarie Hardison
crazy love messages for him

Having strong feelings for your significant other can feel like nothing you’ve ever felt before. Some of us struggle with being able to express that out loud, but still want to use words to drive the point across.

On the flip side, if you’re dying for the chance to tell that cute guy you have the hots for him but don’t know how to, it can be pretty rough.

Well, you don’t have to sweat it. With these crazy love messages for him, you can light up that fire or renew your passion like you just met a few hours ago. Use at your own risk!

Crazy Love Messages for Your Man

  • Meeting and falling in love with you was the proof I needed to believe that dreams come true.
  • Being around you makes me feel like I’m covered in minty-fresh toothpaste. Tingles all over!
  • I don’t know how “you” happened, but I’m thankful for it every single day.
  • Before I met you, I never really knew what the words “loved, safe, and happy” meant. All I could do was guess, and it’s nowhere near as good as how I feel right now.
  • I keep realizing how desperately I’m addicted to you and how little of a fight is left in me. If loving you is wrong, I don’t want to be right.
  • I need tenderness and love. I need quick-witted banter and smart conversations. I need passion and affection. In short, I need you.
  • Thank you for always making me feel desirable, beautiful, capable, safe, and -most endearingly- like a sweet little girl.
  • You cut open my heart and rearranged its fibers to spell your name. Now every time it beats, all I can think about is you.
  • Now that I’m with you, all I want is to save this moment in whatever natural hard drive I have and just never let it go.
  • Science may have an explanation for love at first sight, but I prefer to call it a magical feeling, and that’s how I felt when I first met you.
  • Thank you for blowing a little life into me once again. I never thought I’d feel this way with anyone.
  • You light up a fire in my chest that nothing can put out.
  • They say falling in love is two souls experiencing freedom at the same time. That’s how it feels when I’m with you.
  • Soul mates, twin flames, kindred spirits; call it what you want, but I’m calling myself lucky that I met you.
  • You woke up my heart after a deep slumber that lasted for years.
  • You are my excitement. Just talking to you is an adrenaline rush!
  • I just can’t keep my distance from you. It’s impossible to stay out of your forcefield.
  • How do you make me feel like this?! I’m all butterflies and just two typing thumbs now!
  • I never realized my every thought could be colored by one lingering longing, and that longing is for you.
  • You’re my perfect kind of romantic. It’s like you can read my mind and know exactly what to say and when to say it!
  • When I’m with you, the world stands still between us.
  • What magic is this that you say my name and something moves in me?
  • Just the thought of being with you makes my heart pound and takes my breath away.
  • I feel like only you can speak my language. No one else understands me as you do.
  • My world was cold and dark before you. You come along and there’s light.
  • If I ever needed proof there’s a higher power watching over us, I have it in you.
  • Needing you is like thirsting for water, and as long as I live, I’ll keep quenching my passion with your love.
  • It’s almost like I feel alone around anyone else, but with you, I’m never lonely.

Final Words

Telling your partner how much you love him is a huge reason why relationships remain healthy. However, it can feel awkward and repetitive at times. You can feel something but struggle with how to say it.

That list above gives you some ideas on how to let your man know how you feel about him. Whether you’re already together or still in a flirtationship, you can find what you want to say in one of these crazy love messages for him.

Just remember, you don’t have to say something unless you truly feel it. There’s no pressure to impress someone with words unless you really want to do it!

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