Make Your Husband Cry with These Nine Wedding Vow Tips

by Rosemarie Hardison
cry wedding vows for him

Your wedding vows are a declaration of your love and commitment to your spouse. They are perhaps the most important words you will ever say to each other. So how can you write vows that are both meaningful and memorable? Here are nine tips to get you started.

1. Keep It Personal

Your wedding vows are a chance to express your love and commitment to your partner in your own words. It can be tempting to use generic phrases or copy someone else’s vows, but it’s important to take the time to personalize your vows to reflect your unique relationship.

What values do you share? What are your hopes and dreams for the future? What sets your relationship apart from all others?

Answering these questions can help you to craft vows that are truly meaningful and memorable. On your wedding day, those vows will be a symbol of the promises you have made to each other, and they will be a reminder of the strength of your bond as you journey through life together.

2. Be Honest

Weddings are a time to celebrate love and commitment, but they are also a time to look to the future. For many couples, their wedding vows are a way to set out their hopes and dreams for the years ahead.

However, it is important to remember that vows should be based on reality, not fantasy. While it may feel like you’re superhuman now, in ten years’ time you might not be so indestructible.

It is also important to choose words and promises that you can realistically keep, rather than making grandiose statements that you may not be able to fulfill.

3. Make Them Specific

A wedding vow is a promise made between two people who are in love. They are promises to always be there for each other and to always support each other. However, a lot of people make general promises that can be easily broken.

For example, they might say, “I promise to always be there for you.” But what does that really mean? It’s too vague. A specific promise is much better. For example, “I promise to pick you up when you’re feeling down.” This is a specific promise that can’t be easily broken.

When you make specific promises, it shows that you’re really committed to your partner and that you’re willing to go the extra mile for them.

4. Keep Them Short and Sweet

Your wedding vows are some of the most important words you’ll ever say. They’re a declaration of your love and commitment to your partner, and they should be heartfelt and personal.

However, you don’t want your vows to drag on. Not only will your guests get restless, but you also run the risk of forgetting what you were going to say.

Aim to keep your vows under two minutes so that they’re short, sweet, and easy to remember. And if you get choked up? That’s perfectly normal, and it just might make your vows more memorable.

5. Use Humor

When it comes to writing their wedding vows, some couples choose to keep things lighthearted and funny. After all, marriage is supposed to be a joyful celebration of your love! However, it’s important to be careful not to make your vows too jokey—after all, this is a serious commitment you’re making!

Try to strike a balance between being playful and sincere. If you can make your guests both laugh and cry with your words, then you know you’ve nailed it.

6. Use Sensory Language

While there are many traditional vows you can choose from, the best ones are those that evoke all five senses. For example, you could promise to always be there for your partner when they need you, “in good times and in bad, in sickness and in health.”

Or you could say that you’ll always cherish their presence in your life, “like the warmth of the sun on a winter’s day.” Whatever words you choose, make sure they paint a vivid picture in your mind and touch your heart.

By speaking from the heart and including as many sensory details as possible, you’ll create wedding vows that you’ll both remember for a lifetime.

7. Express Gratitude

For many couples, wedding vows are an opportunity to express their love and commitment to one another in front of their friends and family. They can also be a chance to thank your partner for being part of your life. Saying “thank you” is always a good idea, but it can be especially important during this special moment.

Whether you are thanking your partner for their support during difficult times or simply for being by your side, taking a moment to express your gratitude can make your wedding vows even more meaningful.

8. Don’t Shy Away from Tough Times

No relationship is perfect, and every couple faces challenges at some point. However, it is these tough times that make the good times even sweeter. In your vows, don’t shy away from mentioning some of the challenges you’ve faced as a couple. This will only make your vows more meaningful.

By contrast, mentioning only the good times would be sugar-coating reality. Your relationship has survived some tough times, and that is something to be celebrated.

9. Make Them Actionable

Your wedding vows are a promise to your spouse that you will always be there for them, through good times and bad. But for those promises to mean something, they need to be things that you can actually do.

That’s why it’s so important to make sure that your vows are achievable goals that you can both work towards together. After all, your marriage is a partnership, and it takes effort from both of you to make it work.

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