Debra Bollman: ASAP Sports Stenographer, Turned Overnight Viral Star by Nigel Hayes’s ‘God, She’s Beautiful’ Comment

by Rosemarie Hardison
Debra Bollman The Stenographer of ASAP Sports, Turned Overnight Viral Star by Basketball Player Nigel Hayes's Blushing Remark

The world of college basketball is filled with drama, excitement, and unforgettable moments. However, these moments don’t necessarily have to be in court, and that’s the case in today’s article, which talks about Debra Bollman’s incident.

If you’re interested in finding out about the remarkable story of the ASAP Sports stenographer turned overnight viral sensation, this guide will have you covered.

Who Is Debra Bollman?

Debra Bollman is an American woman born in 1972 (52 years old as of 2024) and currently resides in Norco, California with her family. 

Bollman’s name became an instant trend in March 2015 when the Wisconsin Badgers forward, Nigel Hayes made a remark on her beauty without realizing that the microphone was switched on.

Debra Bollman is a happily married woman, living with her husband Anthony J. Farfan, and three children. 

Unfortunately, plenty of information about her isn’t publicly shared, including her exact birthday, hometown, education, etc, so there isn’t enough information in that regard. 

What Does Debra Bollman Do?

What Does Debra Bollman Do

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Debra Bollman works as a stenographer for ASAP Sports, a New York-based sports network. As a stenographer, Bollman’s job is to transcript athletes’ and coaches’ interviews by typing down everything they say.

Besides her career in stenography, some sources, including the Daily Mail mention that Bollman also works in real estate as an agent when she’s not reporting sports news.

Why Did Debra Bollman Become Viral?

Why Did Debra Bollman Become Viral

The incident that led to Bollman’s overnight virality dates back several years. In March 2015, a televised NCAA basketball conference was held in the Staples Center in Los Angeles, attended by three Wisconsin Badgers players.

The then 20-year-old sophomore forward Nigel Hayes leaned to one of his teammates and whispered “God she’s beautiful” after he noticed Debra Bollman among the reporters attending the conference. 

Hayes thought that the microphone was not turned on. But to his surprise, his words were clearly picked up by the running microphones.

The audience reacted by laughing at his comments, so he asked them “Did you hear that?” followed by cradling his head with his hands and blushing after realizing his funny blunder.

How Did Debra Bollman React to Her Overnight Popularity?

How Did Debra Bollman React to Her Overnight Popularity

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The quirky situation between Hayes and Bollman has attracted the attention of the media, and multiple media outlets ended up reaching out to Debra after the incident.

Bollman attended various interviews where she shared details about her life and the incident, showing that she wasn’t offended by the comment in any way.

In fact, Nigel Hayes shared an apology statement to Debra Bollman on social media. However, she said that he didn’t need to apologize as his comment wasn’t offensive or inappropriate. 

She even thanked Nigel for his compliment, saying that it made her day, and even took a photo with him later to eternalize that spontaneous moment.

How Debra Bollman’s Viral Moment Helped Her Daughter’s Career


Besides Debra’s nice reception of the viral moment, her family also joked about her popularity and took the incident lightly.

For instance, Debra’s daughter Sophia jokingly tweeted on X that her mother is getting an Extra show interview even though she has been trying to become a popular singer for years.

In 2019, Sophia Bollman had her own moment in the spotlight when she auditioned for The Voice show and survived the blind auditions round when Miley Cyrus buzzed her, although she was eliminated in the following rounds.

Where Are Debra Bollman and Nigel Hayes Now?


While there hasn’t been any news of Bollman recently, she is still working as a stenographer and even celebrated 25 years as a stenographer recently.

As for Hayes, the 29-year-old player (as of 2024) was drafted into the NBA in 2017 and played for the Lakers for one season. Currently, he’s playing for the Turkish basketball team Fenerbahçe.

Final Thoughts

This wraps it up for today’s article about the incident that changed Debra Bollman’s life forever and made her an overnight viral sensation.

Both Debra Bollman and Nigel Hayes remember their spontaneous moment with a smile on their face.

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