How to Find an Experienced Marriage Visa Lawyer?

by Rosemarie Hardison
how to find an experienced marriage visa lawyer

Hiring the services of a skilled marriage visa lawyer could significantly enhance the likelihood of a favorable outcome for your marriage visa application.

An adept family immigration attorney with a wealth of experience in guiding couples through the visa process can exert every effort on your behalf to maximize your chances of success.

To discourage people from marrying for the sole purpose of obtaining lawful immigration status, USCIS (U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services) has established several criteria for a bona fide marriage to be eligible for this type of immigrant visa.

Hence, it is important to find an experienced immigration attorney to help you with complex immigration laws and your visa application.

How Marriage Visa Lawyers Can Help You?

A spouse visa lawyer can assist you and your citizen spouse in an easier and more seamless immigration visa application process.

Expertise in Immigration Law

An immigration lawyer can help you evaluate whether you are qualified to apply for a marriage-based visa. Generally, marriage-based visas are categorized as either spouse or fiancé visas and can be classified as either immigrant or non-immigrant.

Determining which category best suits your situation can be complex, but consulting a spouse visa lawyer can help you fully understand the potential outcomes.

Marriage Visa Processing and Approval Timeframe

The marriage green card process can also be lengthy. The wait time for spouse visa approval varies depending on the applicant’s location and the USCIS’s workload.

To understand the projected wait time for your case, you can verify the current processing timeframes with the National Visa Center or consult a spouse visa lawyer.

Supporting Documents

USCIS requires several documents to prove that you have a legally valid marriage. These documents could include:

  • marriage certificate
  • birth certificate
  • joint bank account statements
  • shared utility bills
  • wedding photos and invitations

If you apply for a spouse visa and you only got married in less than two years, you can only receive a conditional green card upon approval of your application. This means that you cannot apply for U.S. citizenship just yet.

With the help of experienced immigration attorneys, you can save time dealing with paperwork and green card interview by yourself.

What To Look For in Marriage Visa Attorneys

When searching for immigration lawyers for your marriage visa application, you might wonder what to look for. Below are some considerations to remember when choosing the right lawyer for you.

1. Experience with marriage visas

It is best to hire an experienced family-based immigration lawyer with a track record of effectively managing comparable cases.

Ask the lawyer about the same cases or visa applications similar that they have handled and the outcomes of those cases.

For instance, if you are planning to obtain a marriage-based green card for a foreign spouse, you should check the immigration law firm or lawyer’s background for successful applications for marriage visas.

A good lawyer will be forthcoming with information about their legal experience and the strategies they have used in the past to achieve favorable results.

2. Communication skills

You must choose a lawyer who is easy to contact and makes you feel comfortable discussing the details of your case.

A skilled lawyer should be able to clearly and concisely answer your questions and clarify any aspects that may be unclear. They should also have the capacity to give you updates about your visa or green card application progress.

Communicating effectively with your lawyer can help alleviate any potential misunderstandings and ensure that your case is handled well with utmost care and attention.

3. Availability

When selecting an immigration lawyer, it is essential to consider their availability and responsiveness to your queries.

Observe how quickly they respond to your emails or phone calls, which can indicate their availability and ability to handle your case effectively.

Most immigration attorneys may have heavy workloads, and you would not want your case to be neglected or overlooked. Therefore, inquire about their availability and whether they can provide a timetable for processing and completing your case.

4. Cost

Before entering into a contract with an immigration attorney, it is essential to understand their fees clearly and whether they are affordable for you. Immigration cases can involve various costs, including filing fees and expenses for immigration documents.

You should inquire about the upfront cost of retaining the lawyer, the total fee for their services, the payment schedule, and the billing frequency. Determining whether their legal fees are firm or negotiable is also advisable.

5. Right Fit

It is essential to find an immigration lawyer who is a good fit for you. During the initial consultation, you can evaluate the attorney’s personality and determine whether you feel comfortable working with them.

A friendly and welcoming relationship with your attorney from the start can show a beneficial long-term relationship throughout your case.

Therefore, selecting a lawyer who not only has the required legal knowledge but also gives you comfort and confidence in their handling of your case is vital.


Processing a green card through marriage to a U.S. citizen or lawful permanent resident is usually simpler than other green cards through familial links or employment visa applications.

However, obtaining this type of green card can also be challenging, especially if you just recently got legally married.

Hiring an experienced marriage visa lawyer will be helpful for a seamless application process. Get in touch with Hacking Immigration Law, LLC now to schedule a consultation for your marriage visa application.

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