Is Boruto Worth Watching? All You Need to Know

by Rosemarie Hardison
is boruto worth watching

Boruto: Naruto Next Generations depicts the story of Boruto, Naruto’s son, as he strives to become a shinobi.

Although originally a manga, Boruto was made into an anime, which became hugely popular. Despite the wide acclaim, the question still stands: is Boruto worth watching?

In this article, I’ll discuss this question in detail and show which parts are worth watching. Read on.

Boruto vs. Naruto

The classic comparison that initially comes to mind is Boruto vs. Naruto. Which one is better? Is Boruto even worth watching after Naruto? Is it better?

I don’t think this comparison is fair for some reasons, including:

1. A Different Point of View

Despite being a sequel to Naruto, Boruto is told from a different point of view. It tells the story as Boruto himself sees it, which sets new circumstances. However, you still need to have an idea about Naruto to understand some references.

2. Distinct Settings

Boruto features an entirely different society. It’s a time when Naruto and his friends lead peaceful family lives.

Moreover, Konoha has developed into a large city instead of a mere village. You can now things like scientific ninja tools and thunder rail.

Therefore, Boruto has different settings than those in Naruto’s story.

3. A Unique Experience

Watching your favorite characters in a different light can be a whole other experience. Those old characters who have been striving for peace in their family lives have finally achieved it.

The world in Boruto is a place where children can only care about their matters, such as getting a shinobi card or the latest burger.

Still, some things never change. For instance, Naruto is still a hard worker and Sasuke remains a lone shinobi.

This doesn’t mean that it’s laid back throughout the episodes, as this isn’t the case. Charged events will unfold, particularly in the manga canon parts.

4. A New Story


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Perhaps, you can appreciate Boruto even more once you look at it as a different story. Fans of Naruto may feel the story is a bit slow at the beginning.

However, all you need to do is wait until Kara is mentioned in episode 157 when things really start to pick up. As more from the manga gets into the anime, Boruto gets darker.

Is Boruto Worth Watching?

Boruto features different types of episodes: manga canon, anime canon, mixed canon/filler, and filler episodes. They’re not all worth your time, though the majority are.

What I mean by canon here is that the episodes mentioned in a certain canon are necessary to understand the official story.

A quick scan of the number of episodes shows that Boruto features a high anime content and a relatively small number of filler episodes.

Although that means it strays a bit from the original story in the manga, it also makes it better than Naruto, which has a larger number of filler episodes. This, in itself, makes Boruto worth watching.

Let’s break down the episodes by canon and see which are worth your time.

Should I Watch the Anime Canon Episodes in Boruto?


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The anime canon episodes are those episodes specific to the anime version. They’re required to understand the storyline. They were developed since the anime started a lot before the manga.

Therefore, there should be some backstory to give an idea of the characters’ development prior to the point where the story of the manga picks up.

You should definitely watch the anime canon episodes because they give you the backstory that you need to understand the different characters and teams.

These episodes are worth watching because they answer your questions about relationships and histories. They build up the story that leads you to the threat of Akatsuki level.

Moreover, the anime canon episodes tell you what has happened to Naruto and his friends, which can be enjoyable if you’re a fan.

Here’s a list of the anime canon episodes in Boruto that are surely worth your time.

The Anime Canon Episodes in Boruto

  • Episodes 1-15
  • Episodes 25-32
  • Episodes 34-38
  • Episodes 42-47
  • Episode 52
  • Episode 60
  • Episodes 70-92
  • Episodes 98-103
  • Episode 112
  • Episodes 120-137
  • Episodes 141-147
  • Episode 155
  • Episodes 157-180
  • Episodes 190-191
  • Episodes 209-211
  • Episodes 221-251

Should I Watch the Manga Canon Episodes in Boruto?

The manga canon episodes in Boruto are those episodes that are essential to understanding the storyline in the manga version of the story.

They’re not only worth watching, but rather a must-see. Seriously, you don’t want to skip these episodes if you want to truly follow the story.

The Manga Canon Episodes in Boruto

  • Episodes 19-23
  • Episode 39
  • Episodes 53-59
  • Episodes 62-66
  • Episodes 148-151
  • Episodes 181-189
  • Episodes 193-208
  • Episodes 212-220

Should I Watch Boruto’s Mixed Canon/Filler Episodes?

The last category worth your time is the mixed canon/filler episodes. They have some canon, but they aren’t necessary to understand the storyline.

These episodes simply shed some extra light on the characters and their development. I believe you should watch these episodes if you have the time. They’re fun and still have some canon in them.

The Mixed Canon/Filler Episode in Boruto

  • Episode 18
  • Episode 24
  • Episode 51
  • Episode 61
  • Episodes 93-95
  • Episodes 106-111
  • Episode 127
  • Episode 192

Should I Watch Boruto’s Filler Episodes?


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Here I can safely tell you, “no, you don’t really have to”. The filler episodes have no canon. Therefore, they’re not at all required to follow the story.

It’s entirely up to you which episodes in the filler category you choose to watch based on your preferences. These episodes typically depict one team. They primarily focus on minor characters that may or may not be of interest to you.

Therefore, it’s a good idea to check the characters starring in the filler episodes to choose which to watch. However, if you’re only interested in the broader storyline, stay clear of the following list of episodes. They’re not worth your time.

Boruto Filler Episodes

  • Episodes 16-17
  • Episode 33
  • Episodes 40-41
  • Episodes 48-50
  • Episodes 67-69
  • Episodes 96-97
  • Episodes 104-105
  • Episodes 113-119
  • Episodes 138-140
  • Episodes 152-154
  • Episode 156

5 Reasons to Watch Boruto

As a continuation of an original series, Boruto faces the distrust of fans, who believe it might not be as good as its precursor. However, I’ve outlined some reasons that would make you watch Boruto and give it a chance on its own.

1. Nostalgia

Although it’s a different story, Boruto makes many references to the original story. As a fan of Naruto, it’s definitely worth watching the new Boruto series.

Moreover, you can see some similarities. As new characters learn from their parents, they usually bring back memories, fight strategies, and many throwbacks.

2. Getting to the Bottom of It

After firing the pilot episode with the idea that this is the journey of Boruto and following up with Momoshiki’s prophecy, don’t you want to know what happens?

Would Boruto remain on the good side or fall into the darker side as predicted? The episodes are worth watching to know more about the end of Boruto and get to the bottom of the prophecy.

3. Family Moments

By default, Naruto and his gang are rather sad people living in the times of great wars. Therefore, you don’t see much of a family to expect any warm family moments.

However, in Boruto, you get to see your favorite heroes living up to their roles as parents and family people. Believe me, it’s worth watching to see Sasuke asking for advice on how to be a better parent, for instance.

4. Visualizing the Manga

Don’t you think every manga fan would appreciate watching the anime version of the story? It’s like you see life going through the story.

This is especially true with the addition of some anime canon episodes and filler episodes that help connect the dots and give you a full view of the matter.

5. The Battles

Let’s face it, we watch the series for that gush of adrenaline as our favorite characters manage to destroy some villain or the other.

In Boruto, there are six key battles. Each of them has different heroes and villains. Each one of these battles teaches Boruto a valuable lesson.

● The Battle of Boruto Against Deepa

This fight shows the development of team 7 and highlights the Sharingan of Sarada. It demonstrates her ability to use her parents’ special abilities.

This battle, in particular, is worth watching because it’s from the anime canon episodes. If you miss it, you can’t catch it in the manga.

● The Battle of Naruto Against Delta


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In this battle, Naruto appears with his chakra natures, which he hasn’t used since the fourth shinobi war.

Although Kawaki loses his arm in this fight, he learns to trust Boruto and realizes his importance to Naruto.

● The Battle of Naruto and Sasuke Against Jigen

This fight features great abilities and a lot of heartbreaking moments. It can be described as a massacre.

However, the great moves and display of power make it worth watching. Let’s just say that the two epic heroes suffer a humiliating defeat in this battle.

● The Battle of Naruto and Sasuke Against Momoshiki

This battle gives Boruto a lesson to respect his father and his position as Hokage. It offers the fans a good father-son moment.

● The Battle Between New Team 7 and Boro

After the defeat of Naruto and Sasuke, the new team 7 goes into this fight in an attempt to bring back the Hokage.

Sarada’s Chidori and Boruto’s skills allow them to defeat the undefeatable Boro by stripping him of his regenerative skills.

● The Battle of Naruto in Baryon Mode Against Isshiki

Last but certainly not least comes the fight between Naruto and Isshiki. It’s rather a battle against the biggest threat against mankind. This is where the Baryon Mode emerges.

The Final Verdict

Is Boruto worth watching? The short answer to this question is “yes.” It’s certainly worth it for fans who love the original storyline of Naruto.

The sequel features different types of episodes. There are anime canon, manga canon, mixed canon/filler, and filler episodes.

The anime canon episodes are the majority because the anime picks up a lot earlier than the manga. The least number of episodes are the filler episodes that depict marginal characters.

There are many reasons that make Boruto worth watching. They include the different battles that are entertaining and enriching to the plot.

Boruto also plays on the nostalgia of fans who care about remembering the old series of Naruto. It focuses on the warm family moments that weren’t normally seen in Naruto.

It’s true that Boruto is a sequel to the original fan-favorite series Naruto. However, it’s worth watching to find out what happens to Boruto.

If you’re a fan of Naruto, you should definitely watch the sequel and follow his son’s journey.

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