What’s the Story behind the Ja Morant Hairstyle?

by Rosemarie Hardison
Ja Morant

If you’re a big basketball fan like me, you’ve most likely watched the recent 2020 NFL season and bore witness to Ja Morant’s hilarious yet fun hairstyle.

Most Memphis Grizzlies fans know that Ja Morant, a potential face for the NBA, has the same effortless groove and fashion that matches his gaming style.

In other words, there’s a good chance you’ve been an avid follower of his hairstyles since that one game where his ‘pineapple’ hair was born. Who knows? Maybe you’ve been fascinated by his hair before then too!

Either way, this guide will further explore Ja Morant’s captivating hairstyles.

What’s the Story behind the Ja Morant Hairstyle?

While Ja Morant has always had charming hair, the spotlight was only shed upon it during the 2020 NFL season game.

In the middle of the game, fans noticed that Ja Morant had changed up his hairstyle so that half of his dreaded hair was up in a ponytail.

While he later confirmed that it was simply quick thinking on his behalf, the hairdo made it seem as if a pineapple was bouncing on top of his head throughout the rest of the game.

As a result, many fans took to Twitter and other social media platforms so they can gently and curiously poke fun at this innovative hairstyle.

If you’re a follower of such news, you too may have laughed bemused at what the Grizzles had to say.

Afterward, in an interview with Ja Morant, the basketball player admitted that the hairstyle was a complete accident. Morant stated that while styling his hair, he misplaced two bobby pins and as such, they fell out mid-game.

To keep his hair away from his face, Morant had to improvise, thus pushing his hair up in a ponytail, or rather a bun, of dreads.

Why Is Ja Morant’s Hairstyle Popular?

As it turns out, everything does happen for a reason in the end, and Ja Morant losing those two bobby pins mid-game gave birth to what’s now an incredibly popular hairstyle—especially in the black community.

Why did this hairstyle appeal to those with Afro-textured hair, however? Let’s cover the two main reasons behind this, shall we?


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Boosts Athletic Performance

For starters, Ja Morant’s pineapple dreads are actually a familiar updo that’s been around for a while. In other words, Ja Morant didn’t exactly set a trend or anything.

Since putting your hair up decreases air resistance, it can improve your performance on the court or playing field. Athletes should be able to run freely without much friction between their hair locks and the air.

Put simply, male players with beautiful long dreads such as Ja Morant benefit immensely from throwing their hair into a bun or a ponytail. You may have noticed that even renowned football players, such as Messi and Beckham, are often spotted with hairbands or short ponytails.

Protects Dreads

If you’re of African descent, you know how painful it is to be constantly maintaining and taking care of your hair. The struggle to keep your locks fresh is real.

So, when you come across a hairstyle that can keep your dreads looking alive for as long as possible, you naturally want to stick to it. Luckily, Jo Morant’s hairdo has proven to be the one.

This hairstyle not only helps keep your dreads in place as you go about your business, but it also reduces the strain on your fragile locks. To top it off, it’s quite an easy, stress-free hairdo that doesn’t require applying much product or doing some styling beforehand.

How Do You Style Your Dreads Like Ja Morant?

Now comes the question on everyone’s mind: how do I style my dreads to look exactly like Ja Morant’s pineapple hairstyle?

If your hair is long enough, meaning, if it at least covers your neck, then you’re more than welcome to try recreating the basketball star’s hairdo.

That said, below we take you through the necessary steps to quickly and effortlessly achieve the Ja Morant hairstyle. This is only for those who don’t have dreadlocks and can’t just put their hair up and be done.

Unbraid and Wash

In case your hair is already braided, you may want to start with unbraiding it so you’re working with a clean canvas.

Afterward, give your hair a nice warm wash, while using that specific brand of shampoo that works best for your locks.

Allow your hair to dry once done. It’s recommended not to use heat and let humidity take care of it. You’ll end up with a pouf, but it’s better than damaging your hair.

Divide Your Hair into Sections

Grab a rat-tail comb and a crochet needle and start dividing your hair into sections so you can quickly create those mature dreads Jo Morant has.

It’s recommended that you put your hair up first before carrying out this step. It makes it easier as you begin sectioning the front parts one by one.

Each part will be sectioned again according to your preference into three or two parts. Use the needle to form thick or thin locked dreads.

Apply Palm Oil

If you’re anything like me, your hair will appear frizzy once you’re done with the dreading.

Because you want your hairdo to look as nice as possible, especially after spending hours on it, take some palm oil and gently rub it in on every dread.

This step will calm down the frizziness and make your hair appear more elegant as well. Once done, simply put half of your dreadlocks up in a ponytail, and voila, there’s your Jo Morant hairstyle.

To Sum Up

The Jo Morant hairstyle has taken the world by storm in the past two or so years. Since its accidental birth in the NFL 2020 season game, Morant’s hairdo continues to be a popular choice among African-American men.

Who can blame them, though? In addition to how fresh the hairstyle looks, it’s also relatively easy to recreate and is guaranteed to keep your locks in place.

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