Mickey Middleton: First Wife of ‘Breaking Bad’ Star Bryan Cranston, an American Writer

by Rosemarie Hardison
Mickey Middleton First Wife of 'Breaking Bad' Star Bryan Cranston, an American Writer

In the hustle and bustle of today’s life, we often forget that there’s more than one road to success. People tend to leave their creative passions behind, and many fail to adapt to challenges.

Fortunately, Mickey Middleton is free-spirited when it comes to her career. Because of this, we have plenty to learn from her experiences!

Join me as I go through Mickey Middleton’s childhood, career, and family. I’ll also dive deep into her broken relationship with the famous actor, Bryan Cranston.

Are you ready? Let’s get to it!

Who Is Mickey Middleton?

As of today, Mickey Middleton is a respected children’s book author in America. You may know her better as the former wife of Bryan Cranston, the star of Breaking Bad.

However, that’s not all there is to her career. Mickey Middleton became a teacher, actress, and TV show creator before she took to writing!

Mickey Middleton’s Birth and Childhood

Mickey Middleton

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Mickey Middleton, or Michaelle Louise Middleton, was born in 1945 at Daytona Beach, Florida. Her father was a Vietnam War veteran and pilot. Meanwhile, Mickey inherited her mom’s talents, as she was a design writer.

Growing up, Middleton always loved to perform and tell stories. She says that as a teenager, she used to be on stage all the time.

Mickey’s main interest was in drama and theater. Due to this, she ended up moving to California to pursue an acting and singing career.

Mickey Middleton’s Career

Mickey Middleton had plenty of jobs and passions throughout her life. She was never afraid to follow her dreams, even through the difficulties she faced.

Below are three of her most notable works.

1. Teaching Career

Early on in her life, Mickey Middleton became a public school teacher. This is where she used her passion for storytelling to develop reading comprehension programs.

As a result, she even received certifications as an Accelerated Reader Model and Master Class instructor!

These are Middleton’s achievements as a teacher.

  • Improved Literacy: Mickey Middleton created computerized systems to improve literacy in students.
  • Book Writing: Middleton wrote books for her students. She became a member of the Society of Children’s Book Writers and Illustrators.

2. Acting and Producing Career

Acting and Producing Career

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After her teaching gig, Mickey Middleton moved to California to pursue her next passion — performing! This is where she became a member of the American Federation of Television and Radio Artists (AFTRA).

Here are a few of her achievements as an actor and producer.

  • The Roseanne Show: In 1998, Mickey Middleton appeared in an episode of The Roseanne Show. She was also the co-creator and music writer of this series.
  • Stage Play Performances: Middleton participated in stage plays in school.

3. Writing Career

Mickey Middleton wrote plenty of children’s picture books, musicals, and novels. She also loved to write about murder, mystery, and puzzles.

Yet, many people don’t know about her. That’s because she had many pen names, including Michelle Busby, Mickey Morning Glory, and M.M. Busby!

Mickey Middleton is a proud member of the National Association of Independent Writers. She’s also a part of the American Copy Editors Society.

Below are some of her popular literary works.

  • The Beautiful One (2018): This book for kids is a tale about true love and sacrifice. Middleton says the inspiration for The Beautiful One came from the flora and fauna of her Northwest Florida home.
  • The Tainted Teacup (2020): The Tainted Teacup is about murder and mysteries that take place through food. It’s a fun read with a quirky, methodical storyline.
  • Heart Burn Holiday (2022): This book is about culinary disasters during Cinco de Mayo. It’s a must-read for those who enjoy puzzles and recipes!

Mickey Middleton Marriage and Family


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Mickey Middleton got married to American actor Bryan Carston on November 10, 1977. The couple met at Daytona Theater in Florida.

At the time, Carston hadn’t achieved fame, and the partnership seemed perfect. Sadly, the marriage only lasted for five years.

Mickey Middleton and Bryan Carston’s Divorce

Mickey Middleton and Bryan Carston’s Divorce

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Why did Middleton and Carston break up? Both sides say the reason for the divorce was incompatibility in plans.

Bryan Carston mentions in his autobiography that he realized he wasn’t ready for married life. They were too young and naive when they tied the knot. He wanted to pursue acting while she wanted to settle down and have kids.

The good news is that Middleton and Carston ended the marriage on good terms.

After the divorce in April 1982, Bryan Carston went on to date another woman and was in a toxic relationship for a while. His bad romantic experiences gave him the tools he needed to play Walter White in Breaking Bad. Eventually, he moved on and married Robin Dearden in 1989. 

As for Mickey Middleton, she remarried twice and had children of her own. However, she keeps her family life private, and there’s not much information on her children.

Mickey Middleton Now

Bryan Cranston

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Today, Mickey Middleton lives in Florida with her family.

She dedicates her time to her hobbies. These are enjoying food, puzzle solving, and writing about her Holmes and Watson Culinary Whodunits.

She’s also a mystery buff and is a member of the Sisters in Crime and the Women’s Fiction Writers Association. For the most part, Middleton keeps her life private and peaceful.


Mickey Middleton is a woman with many passions and isn’t afraid to follow her dreams. This led her to become a teacher, actress, and writer.

Throughout her career, Middleton has always used her many interests to help the youth. Even though she encountered her fair share of struggles and got divorced from Bryan Carston, she continued to push forward.

Due to her persistence, Mickey Middleton is a successful writer and mother today!

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