Did Mikasa Kill Eren?

by Rosemarie Hardison
Mikasa and Eren

If you’re reading this, you’ve probably just finished wrapping up Attack on Titan’s final manga chapters.

Since the final season of AOT is yet to premiere in 2023, anime followers are yet to know what the manga readers have already found out: Mikasa kills Eren in chapter 139.

So, spoilers ahead dear blog viewers, you’re in for a really juicy entry. You might want to strap in for this one, too, because today, I’m taking you through how, when, and why our beloved Mikasa killed Eren.

Let’s begin!

What Was the Relationship between Mikasa and Eren?

Early followers of AOT bore witness to the complicated relationship Mikasa and Eren had from the start. It was one of the most talked about friendships in the entire series, mainly because many readers thought it may turn romantic at some point.

Even nonreaders of AOT may have come across the multiple memes and jokes made of Mikasa as she yells Eren’s name lovingly every time he’s in trouble. As the Survey Crop’s best fighter, Mikasa seemed to have a special soft spot for Eren and would always jump to his aid.

Their relationship goes further as both are considered childhood friends. Eren first came across Mikasa when she was a little girl and he was the one to encourage her to fight against her attackers at the time.

In great cinematic parallelism, the same dialogue that occurs between them when they were younger, repeats itself around Eren’s character arc in the last chapters. Somehow, that made the dip their relationship took after Eren turned evil hit even worse.

What do I mean by that? Well, remember how Eren almost got strangled to death trying to protect Mikasa that one time? That same guy admitted to her in the end that he, in fact, had hated her all along.

Shocking, I know. Looking back at how many times each of them had each other’s back and comforted one another, it’s hard to believe that either of them harbored any bad feelings for the other. It’s why every reader was rooting for them to end up together.

Did Eren Really Hate Mikasa?

The answer, although a cliche, is that it’s complicated. Yes, Eren tells Mikasa to her face that he had hated her since they met. He even explained that Mikasa’s loyalty and fascination with him were all in her head—literally.

Mikasa, as Eren put it, due to her Ackerman bloodline had built-in loyalty to her designated handler. Since Eren was the first to give her a command on that day they met, Mikasa’s powers were activated by him and the rest is history.

From that point forward, Mikasa remains conflicted between what she had come to know about her relationship with Eren and what he had told her.

That said, some speculate that Eren didn’t in fact hate Mikasa, but rather, he said what he said to be kind in his own twisted way.

Considering that he picked the eve before their battle to tell her this, it somewhat made sense then to tell his childhood friend and comrade that he despised her.

This move would thus make it easier on Mikasa to kill him—especially since she’d be the last person anyone would think could do that.

Later on, you’ll realize that it had to be Mikasa that’ll take Eren’s life to save and free Ymir from her prison. It was also the only way humanity would be free from the Titan line. It’s safe to assume, as such, that Eren said that to Mikasa, knowing the greater good behind doing so.

What Made Mikasa Kill Eren?

Keeping in mind Mikasa’s personality, it’s hard to believe that she killed Eren out of anger or pettiness. After all, she loved the guy like family, and even after the harsh stuff he told her, she still wouldn’t intentionally harm him.

So, what on earth made Mikasa kill Eren? To answer that, you need to take a look at the villainous turn that Eren took shortly after the Survey Corps made it to Liberio.

By going rogue for a few years and disappearing on his teammates, it becomes rather clear to readers that Eren was about to become the antihero of AOT’s story—and he sure did.

You notice it first in how Hajime Isayama’s drawing of Eren slowly changes. The character’s eyes become deadpan and his hair grows out. Isayama draws Eren with multiple facial scars, and finally, gives him the permanent hand scar that appears when he turns into a titan.

As you know, Eren’s body was host to three different titans, namely the Attack Titan, the Warhammer Titan, and the Founding Titan. As such, he was rather powerful and when he turned on his people, he managed to kill more than 80% of the world’s population.

Eren’s thirst for blood and mass genocide couldn’t have ended well. He even admitted later on that had Mikasa not stopped him, he would have carried on.

In the end, someone had to take care of this maniac. So, it made sense that Mikasa, given her soldier record, was the one to do it.

When Does Mikasa Kill Eren?

Once Eren unleashes the Rumbling and kills millions of innocent people all in the name of saving the world, his comrades put together the plan to take him down.

The idea behind the Rumbling goes all the way back to King Fritz and his need to protect the people from outside threats. He used his wall-trapped titans as a tool to scare off potential invaders and those threatening to disrupt the peace.

It appears though that King Fritz never had an intention of using the Rumbling; it was simply a scaring tactic. Eren, once he obtained the Founding Titan, however, made use of the Rumbling and released all titans onto the world.

Being Paradis’ first line of defense, and humanity’s only hope, the Survey Corps immediately jumped to put an end to their friend’s wrath.

An interesting point to mention here is that Eren, who we speculate knew his end was coming at her hands, inserted a dream sequence in Mikasa’s mind as a way to communicate his final words to her before she killed him.

The dream’s main message was to tell her to forget about him once he dies and to move on with her life afterward. In turn, Mikasa knew that Eren was in his titan’s mouth and she was the one to behead him.

Why Did Mikasa Kill Eren?

As you’ve probably gathered so far, Eren was a genocidal villain who wasn’t going to stop at anything until he got what he wanted. In other words, that was a good enough reason to kill him right there.

That said, the reason behind why Mikasa killed Eren goes even deeper—in typical Isayama fashion, of course.

Remember Ymir? The woman who was imprisoned under King Fritz’s spell despite the fact that he abused her and treated her badly? Despite that Ymir loved him and even sacrificed herself for him so he’ll live.

In a cruel twist of fate, Mikasa was destined to do the same with Eren. She too loved a man so much that she had to be the one to take him down because it was simply the one way to free the world from war.

By killing Eren, not only did Mikasa save her people, but she also freed herself and Ysmir from the invisible shackles of love.

In Summary

In the final manga chapters of the beloved series Attack on Titans, Mikasa kills Eren. While the ending didn’t satisfy some readers, it did send the rest in a frenzy of questions and interesting theories.

This article’s goal was to shed light on these questions and attempt to answer the intentions behind Mikasa ending Eren’s life. In the end, you’re free to believe whichever speculations fit your agenda most.

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