7 Facts About Niece Waidhofer That You Might Not Know

by Rosemarie Hardison

Niece Waidhofer was a social media influencer that got notoriety for the kind of content she posted online. Unfortunately, her death was also a shocker for many fans.

However, asides from the circumstances of her suicide, many people might not know much about her struggles, ambitions, and regrets.

7 Facts About Niece Waidhofer

For the most part, Niece kept a lot of details about her personal life private. However, over the course of her journey to fame on social media, she shared some personal milestones with her followers.

Let’s take a look at seven facts that might help you understand her life better:

1. For Niece Waidhofer, It All Started With a Reddit Post

Niece became internet-famous in 2017 following a post she made on Reddit. Her picture on the subreddit, RoastMe, went viral, amassing incredibly spiteful and disconcerting comments.

When some of her fans were concerned about the reaction, she addressed that in an Instagram post, joking about the whole incident and saying that she was fine and okay with the mean comments.

You might find that to be a pretty grim statement, given how she died five years later.

2. She Had a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration

If you’ve watched her interview with the YouTuber, Johnny Christ, you’ll discover that the model actually holds a bachelor’s degree in business administration. As it happens, her deceased father had paid for her degree from Sam Houston State University.

3. She Had No Luck With Office Jobs

Despite having the degree, Waidhofer couldn’t make it work. Following her graduation, she got only three interviews out of a “hundred-ish applications” that she sent out, all of which she failed.

I get that this might sound devastating at first. However, years later, Waidhofer said she’s thankful she never got accepted in any of them after seeing the amount of stress her brother has to deal with in his desk job.

4. Waidhofer Had a Rocky Start in Modeling

Although she had deleted her Reddit after her viral roast, she had already caught the attention of some small brands. She collaborated with a few of them and continued modeling besides content creation.

5. She Was a Multi-talented Content Creator and Actress

Niece Waidhofer was not just a model but a content creator as well. She managed her own Instagram account with over four million followers, did her own makeup, and shot most of the content she posted herself.

Asides from internet fame, she also appeared in two movies. The first was Project Aether, and then she went on to The Legend of DarkHorse County in 2014.


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6. Not All Her Posts Gained Positive Attention

Waidhofer posted an apology video to her fans for editing her photos to look better and always appearing with a face full of makeup. She also acknowledged how this might shake women’s self-esteem through unrealistic beauty expectations.

However, these are things that many public figures do with little to no regard for how that affects their young and impressionable fan base. Seeing this video—now that she’s dead—can be heart-wrenching, especially with the amount of remorse on her face.

7. Niece Waidhofer Lost Her Life to Mental Health Struggles

According to her family, Waidhofer was struggling with mental health issues for a long while, and it was the reason she took her own life at only 31. Yet, not many fans realized this, and that’s why her suicide was an eye-opener for a lot of people.

Just a week before her death, she mostly cleared out her Instagram posts. While I may not know much about Niece or her private life, the posts she left undeleted reflect that she might have struggled with loss and identity.

Final Thoughts

Niece Waidhofer is a prime example that your mental health has nothing to do with how your life looks on the outside.

She was gorgeous, top of her class, and an internet success by many measures. Yet, she still lost her battle against mental health.

Tragic losses like this can be heart-wrenching, but they’re also a reminder to be kind, empathetic, and understanding of other people’s struggles.

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