Premium Copy Meaning and Is It Worth It?

by Rosemarie Hardison
premium copy meaning

You may have heard the saying: “Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery”. While a premium copy embodies the spirit of this quote, that’s unfortunate as far as it goes.

Navigating through premium copies in the market can be a bit tricky, especially when we get to tech stuff like smartphones. If you don’t have experience with the relevant product, you can’t be blamed for mistaking it for the original.

Of course, whether you end up satisfied, still depends on what you’re looking for, and expect from a purchase.

Don’t sweat it though! My role will be to familiarize you enough with this side of the industry so that you can navigate it safely.

Premium Copy Meaning

So what exactly are premium copies? They’re essentially clones of an original product from a brand or a company. As clones, they usually share the same materials in production. Though that may change based on the product’s nature.

Typically the more popular a brand, the bigger the gap between the original and the copy. Especially, when it comes to the quality of the material and overall structure. When you find the price difference between a copy and the real deal exaggerated, that’s probably the cause.

In the end, the folks who produce those copies don’t often enjoy the same resources as the factories of a popular brand. Counterfeiters are experts at dressing up a fake to look almost identical to the original for this reason.

Is Premium Copy Good?

Whether you should bother with a premium copy is mostly up to what you need and expect from a product. While a clone’s biggest advantage is usually the cost, it’s worth noting that everything has its price for good reasons.

You should only consider copies if the following applies to you:

  1. You’ve no interest in brands and other luxury goods.
  2. You want something cost-efficient.
  3. You’re willing to give up quality for an item’s basic functions.
  4. You don’t care for the original’s unique features.

A clone is hardly ideal, but they’re still being made for customers who aren’t very picky about what they’re getting. So long as it gets the job done that is.

How a Korean Copy Differs From the Original

You might’ve noticed in recent years Korean culture has gotten quite popular throughout the world mostly thanks to K-pop and K-Dramas. And as a result, Korean goods continue flooding the international market.

Naturally, there’s no shortage of copycats taking advantage of the trend. K-Beauty and Samsung are the most famous examples.

K-Beauty refers collectively to skincare products original to South Korea. You can usually identify copies by checking the quality of the packaging for misspellings or similar errors. The original also has a very different look, smell, and results by comparison.

If you know some Hangul, you’d save yourself a lot of time distinguishing the fake ones. I personally don’t recommend buying any copies as this concerns your personal health.

Telling apart a fake Samsung from an original is a lot tougher. People lacking experience with purchasing smartphones often mistake the two, and they can’t be blamed.

In Summary

Now you’re familiar with the reasons to prioritize the original version over a premium copy and have the means to confirm its authenticity. I hope you can pick the product that’ll satisfy your requirements with less hassle.