How Much Is Rod Wave Net Worth?

by Rosemarie Hardison
Rod Wave

Whether or not you’re a big fan of rap, you’ve most likely heard of the name Rod Wave in recent years. Since the release of his album Rookie of the Year back in 2017, Wave’s fame has been steadily increasing since then.

As a result, Rod Wave’s net worth has and still continues to soar. Today, you’ll be taking a closer look at the young rapper’s life and income. Let’s dive in, shall we?

What Is Rod Wave’s Net Worth?

As of 2022, Rod Wave’s net worth is estimated to be $ 3 million dollars roughly. This number has been grossly mentioned across multiple renowned websites, including Forbes and Wikipedia.

Considering how celebrity net worths continue to fluctuate since they depend on various factors, it’s still safe to assume that Rod Wave’s worth is currently $3 million.

That said, Wave’s worth didn’t become this high overnight. Before his sudden fame, Wave started off as a social media presence as he used to upload his music on his Youtube channel.

Over time, he gained more and more subscribers, and after his first album’s release, namely Rookie of the Year, Wave’s net worth began to rise.

In 2018, a year after this album sold over 3 million digital copies, Rod’s net worth became $0.5 million.

Since then, and from 2018 to 2022, Wave has continued to release independent singles—the most popular of which is his 2019’s Heart on Ice song.

Why Is Rod Wave’s Net Worth So High?

The more your music gets streamed and the more followers consume as well as purchase your content, the higher your net worth will become—even this happens in a short period of time.

Rod Wave continued to release songs from a young age and was always met with praise. On his Youtube channel alone, Wave has close to 5 million subscribers and over 3 billion streams.

In addition to the money he makes off Youtube revenue, Wave, much like other renowned music artists, makes most of his earnings from album sales and streamings.

Just to give you an example, Wave’s latest album that was created in 2021, named Soulfly, was the number one release on the U.S. Billboard Top 200 albums.

How Has Rod Wave Spent His Wealth?

It’s been established that Rod Wave has made a lot of money ever since his career took off, but where has the young rapper put the majority of his wealth?

Wave has admitted on multiple occasions his fascination with automobiles and sports cars. As a result, he’s spent his millions of dollars on making his dream of owning a massive car collection come true.

As it stands, Rod Wave is now the proud owner of the following expensive car models:

  • Rolls-Royce Cullinan (roughly $341,500)
  • Mercedes AMG GLE 63 S Coupe (about $117,050)
  • Mercedes Benz Convertible (around $86,650)
  • Infiniti Q60 Red Sport (estimated at $58,200)
  • Volvo S9 (starts at $52,850)
  • Mercedes Maybach S680 (over $574,000)

Who Is Rod Wave?

You know he’s rich, but who actually is Rod Wave? From being in and out of juvie multiple times to making millions, how did Wave become the successful rapper he is today?

This section will take a deep dive into different aspects of the American rapper’s autobiography.

Personal Life

Rod Wave was born on the 27th of August in the year 1999, making him a Virgo man. His hometown is St. Petersburg, Florida, and it’s where he was given his real name, Rodarius Marcell Green.

Wave was brought up in a difficult home because his father was involved in criminal activities and spent six years in state prison as a result.

This fact was said to be the reason why Wave’s parents separated when the rapper was still in elementary school.

With the absence of the main breadwinner, a single mother and a young boy found it hard to make ends meet. This pushed Wave to get involved in drug dealing, robbery, and other illegal acts that warranted his arrest at a young age.

While his criminal days are behind him now (owning to his booming musical career, of course), Rod Wave was actually arrested recently on a battery by strangulation charge.

Career Path

Rod Wave owes the beginnings of his musical career to his father. The latter noticed that his son was well on his way to being another version of himself—basically, a criminal.

To not have Wave fall into the same path, his father gifted him a microphone and a computer so that Wave can put his beautiful voice to work.

His father was right to push his son to do better for himself because Wave didn’t commit more felonies after that, and instead graduated high school to begin pursuing a career in music.

The peak of Wave’s artistic life came after the release of his 2019’s song, Heart on Ice. Once it went viral on Tik Tok, the single became number 25 on Billboard’s Hot 100 songs.

This granted Wave the opportunity to finally sign his name with a label, namely Alamo Records. Since then, he has released three more albums following the success of his first one, Rookie of the Year.

Life outside the Spotlight

Outside of the spotlight, Rod Wave is engaged to a lovely woman named Kelsey and has baby girl twins with her.

His hobbies include collecting cars, making music, and traveling. His favorite destination is Paris, while his beloved pop artist is Miley Cyrus.

In Summary

The 23-year-old American rapper, Rod Wave, has reached great heights of achievements and success in just 5 years of being a singer and songwriter. His deep lyrics and booming voice have granted him this booming fame.

As such, Rod Wave net worth is presently estimated to be around $3 million dollars, with more and more people becoming fans of Wave and his soulful music.

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