Sarah Ziolkowska: Nathan Fielder’s Discreet Ex-Wife

by Rosemarie Hardison

Sarah Ziolkowska is a Canadian librarian and reading specialist who was married to comedian Nathan Fielder for a few years.

Ziolkowska managed to maintain a low profile over the years, but here’s what we do know about her.

Sarah Ziolkowska’s Personal Profile

  • Name: Sarah Ziolkowska
  • Age: unknown
  • Place of birth: Toronto, Canada
  • Height: 5 ft 6 in
  • Weight: 112 lbs
  • Citizenship: American/Canadian
  • Occupation: Librarian and reading specialist at Park Century School, Culver City
  • Spouse: Nathan Fielder (m. unknown; div. 2014)
  • Children: 0

Sarah Ziolkowska’s Early Life

There’s very little information about Sarah Ziolkowska’s early life, as she hasn’t shared much about herself with the public.

Here’s all we know about her early life:

Birthdate and Place

We know that Sarah Ziolkowska is of Polish descent and was born in Toronto, Canada.

Her date of birth is unknown, but there are speculations about it being close to her ex-husband’s date of birth. Her ex-husband Nathan Fielder was born in the year 1983.


Sarah Ziolkowksa spent most of her early life in Canada. In 2002, after graduating high school, she applied to the University of Toronto.

From there, she got her Bachelor of Applied Sciences degree in Psychology in 2007, studying the human behavior and mental state behind every action.

Soon after getting her Bachelor’s degree, Sarah Ziolkowska joined Dalhousie University. 2 years later, she got her master’s degree in Libraries and Information Science (MLIS) in 2009.

Sarah Ziolkowska worked for 2 years at Dalhousie University as a teaching assistant. In addition to that, she had an internship at the W.K. Kellogg Health Sciences Library.

Sarah Ziolkowska’s Career

In 2012, Sarah Ziolkowska started working at Park Century School in Culver City, California as a librarian and reading specialist. Besides her main job, Sarah Ziolkowska also teaches weekly library classes. Sarah Ziolkowska is known to love reading and helping children with difficulties.

The reading specialist’s main role is to provide leadership and assessment for the reading program at schools. In addition, the reading specialist designs special interventions according to each student’s needs.

Nathan Fielder, Sarah Ziolkowska’s Ex-husband

Sarah Ziolkowska first stepped into the light when she married Nathan Fielder, a Canadian comedian, actor, producer, director, writer, and entrepreneur.

Who He Is

Nathan Fielder was born on May 12th, 1983, in Vancouver, Canada. He started working as a writer until Michael Donovan, an executive producer, hired him as a field correspondent and helped him develop his popular segment “Nathan on Your Side.”

How They Met

After Sarah Ziolkowska finished her studies, she moved to the United States, where she first met Nathan Fielder in 2007.

Speculations suggest that they were childhood friends back in Canada, where they grew up. Not long after they met, the couple started dating and were seen together publicly on many different occasions.

When Did They Tie the Knot

Sarah Ziolkowska and Nathan Fielder fell in love shortly after they met. Things escalated quickly, and Nathan Fielder decided to propose to Sarah Ziolkowska.

They got married in a private ceremony, so private that nobody knows exactly when or where it was. We only know that the wedding was somewhere in the late 2000s.

Life After Fame

Nathan Fielder became famous in 2013 after co-creating a comedy reality show that he starred in. The show was named “Nathan for You,” which was based on segments called “Nathan on Your Side” that he did for the comedy series “This Hour Has 22 Minutes.”

Sarah Ziolkowska and Nathan Fielder lived as a happy couple until things took a wrong turn. It’s been said that Nathan Fielder’s ego became so uncontrollable that Sarah Ziolkowska couldn’t handle it anymore.

We don’t know the exact reasons why their marriage went into a downward spiral, but it seems that fame has taken its toll on them.


Sarah Ziolkowska and Nathan Fielder started having disagreements and issues that they couldn’t resolve. Sadly, their relationship didn’t hold, and they ended up living separately in 2014.

Nathan Fielder has stated in an interview that the divorce was finalized on April 16th, 2015, in Los Angeles, California, at the Stanley Mosk Courthouse.

He stated that the separation was emotional and described the divorce stage as “worse than Cancer.”

How Long the Marriage Lasted

Since their marriage date hasn’t been declared, Sarah Ziolkowska and Nathan Fielder’s relationship is said to have lasted roughly 7-8 years.

The couple didn’t have any children together.

Sarah Ziolkowska’s Current Status

After the divorce, Sarah Ziolkowska retreated to the shadows, and she’s still keeping her social media accounts private.


Sarah Ziolkowska and Nathan Fielder both have moved on after the divorce, but there’s no news about Sarah Ziolkowska currently being in a relationship.

On the other hand, there has been much gossip surrounding the Canadian comedian. Rumor has it that he got romantically involved with a number of women after the separation.

One of these women is claimed to be Maci, who starred with him in the comedy series he co-created, “Nathan for You.” However, he didn’t confirm or deny his relationship with Maci.

Current Occupation

Sarah Ziolkowska is still living in America, working as a librarian and a reading specialist at Park Century School, California.

Net Worth

Sarah Ziolkowska is known to be a dedicated professional who worked hard to get where she is. Her net worth is estimated to be around $400,000.

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, a typical librarian in America earns around $60,000 per year.

Her former husband, Nathan Fielder has earned a fortune working in the movie industry. His net worth is estimated to be $5 million.

Final Words

Sarah Ziolkowska’s marriage to Nathan Fielder has allowed the public to know more about how smart of a woman she is. Whatever the reason is for divorce, it still doesn’t change the fact that both of them are successful in their careers.

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