Shari Jordan: Stepmom to Notorious Serial Killer Jeffrey Dahmer

by Rosemarie Hardison
Shari Jordan Stepmom to Notorious Serial Killer Jeffrey Dahmer

Shari Jordan, though seeming like your ordinary citizen, lives in the shadow of her stepson’s crimes: Jeffrey Dahmer, one of America’s most notorious serial killers. 

As Jeffrey’s stepmother, Shari became the center of media attention and public scrutiny as news broke about Jeffrey’s heinous killings. 

In 1992, Jeffrey Dahmer was sentenced to 15 consecutive lifetimes in prison after brutally murdering 15 men. He served his sentence at Columbia Correctional Institution in Portage, Wisconsin, but died in 1994 after being attacked by his fellow inmate.

Let’s look into the life of Shari Jordan, the challenges she faced while coming to terms with her stepson’s crimes, and how she’s living life after all the shocking revelations.

Shari Jordan’s Life, Career, and Net Worth 

Shari Jordan’s Life, Career, and Net Worth

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Shari Jordan, or Shari Dahmer, was born to parents Howard and Olive Jean on January 21, 1941, in the capital city of Ohio. 

Despite being in the spotlight for years (thanks to her stepson), little is known about Shari Jordan’s net worth and career. 

If there’s one thing, Shari admits to using the name “Shari Dahmer” even in the business world, although she didn’t disclose anything about the industry she’s involved with. 

In a 2004 interview with Larry King via CNN, Shari expresses pride in her name despite the Dahmer crime revelations. She said, “I’m proud of my name. I used it in the business world. I use it still.”

Further, Shari implies that she has no reason to deny her name, for they didn’t do anything wrong. 

Shari Jordan’s Family

Shari married Lionel Dahmer in 1978 after he had gotten off from a divorce. Lionel had two children with his previous wife, his firstborn being Jeffrey.

The couple lived together in Seville, Ohio, even after Jeffrey’s controversy. 

However, the couple didn’t bear a child, but Shari admitted to having adoptees in the CNN interview

Shari Jordan’s Relationship With Her Stepson Jeffrey

Shari Jordan’s Relationship With Her Stepson Jeffrey

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Despite his outrageous crimes, Shari and her husband Lionel were present in all of Jeffrey’s trials and remained supportive (but not denying the crimes) when Jeffrey got into prison. 

Regarding her relationship with Jeffrey, Shari shares in the CNN interview that he accepted her in the family despite the fact that he was torn about his parents’ divorce.

In an episode of Dahmer On Dahmer, a documentary by Oxygen, Shari describes Jeffrey as vulnerable and an expert in concealing his feelings. She further shares how her motherly instincts could sense his loneliness and how she wanted to mother him. 

How Did Shari Met Jeffrey?

In the same interview with Larry King, Shari shares how she met 18-year-old Jeffrey Dahmer after his husband Lionel introduced the two.

Young Dahmer had just graduated from high school at the time, and Lionel and his estranged wife were going through the final stages of divorce. 

Shari fondly called him “Jeff” and described how they got along just fine as Jeffrey was able to set his relationship with his parents and biological mother apart. 

Shari Jordan Now

Shari Jordan Now

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Shari Jordan died on January 13, 2023, at a nursing home in Seville, Ohio. She stayed there for the past few years due to her failing health. 

She was 81 years old upon her passing but was unable to meet Lionel Dahmer months prior, according to the New York Post

The news outlet also reports that Shari left a request not to hold a funeral service in her will. She wanted to cremate her body instead.  

Frequently Asked Questions

For more insights about Shari Jordan’s life, here are the answers to related questions many people ask about: 

Did Shari Jordan and Lionel Dahmer divorce?

Despite being unable to meet before she died, Shari and Lionel never got a divorce. The couple had to live apart due to Shari’s health condition. 

Where is Lionel Dahmer now?

Lionel Dahmer, now 87, continues to live in his Ohio home. He was a chemist by profession and got his Ph.D. from Iowa State University. 

In 1994, he wrote the book A Father’s Story, a memoir about his perspective as a serial killer’s father, hoping to raise awareness among parents about the warning signs they should watch out for. 

Where is Jeffrey Dahmer’s mom now?

Jeffrey’s biological mother, Annette Joyce Flint, commonly known by her nickname, “Rocky,” died on November 27, 2000, after struggling with breast cancer. She was 64.

Years before her death, Joyce founded an HIV community center in 1996 in Fresno, California, where she also spent her last days.  

Where is Jeffrey Dahmer’s brother?

Jeffrey’s younger brother, David, lived with their mother after the divorce, while Jeffrey stayed with Lionel. 

After Jeffrey got convicted, Lionel revealed through the Larry King Live interview that David said he wanted to disappear. 

The second son went on to change his name and stayed away from the public eye. Lionel and Shari also discuss keeping David’s identity a secret and that he has a career and family now.


Shari Jordan, despite being tied to the Dahmer controversy, lived a private life. She continuously supported her stepson alongside his husband, Lionel Dahmer, until Jeffrey died in prison in 1994.

Shari died at age 81 in a nursing home in Seville, Ohio.

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