Skype Roleplay Ideas: Fantasies You Can Act Out Virtually

by Rosemarie Hardison
skype roleplay ideas

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When was the last time you tried Skype sex? Next question.

When was the last time you had amazing sex on skype?

Even if you’re happily married or with a long-term partner, webcam sex might be what you need to heat things up a bit. But not just any old sex call will do.

Today, we’re talking about virtual role-playing and how to add it to your next online sex session, whether with a partner or a sexy cam girl.

Keep reading for some of the best role-play and fantasy ideas and tips that are well worth exploring.

1. Naughty student and horny professor

Here’s the scenario: You’re struggling in your classes because you can’t stop daydreaming about your sexy professor. So you decide to seek some extra help in order to keep your grades up.

The professor you’re crushing on says, ok, she is willing to help you (and in more ways than one), and you set up an online tutoring session. You quickly realize that you’re about to get a lesson in steamy skype sex 101.

Pro-tip: Go the extra mile and add some props in order to make role-play fantasies hotter. Things like glasses, uniforms, and books can really make the student/professor’s fantasy feel naughty and exciting.

2. Sexy nurse and patient

Here’s the scenario: One of you pretends to be a nurse or doctor checking in on their patient via webcam. But instead of simply following procedure, things quickly become much more naughty.

The patient asks the nurse or doctor if they can take a look at various body parts, and from there, the two of you end up orgasming together with a Skype sex-happy ending.

3.  The boss and the secretary

Here’s the scenario: One person plays the boss at a big company, while the other is the new secretary or assistant in training. The boss explains that they need to set up a meeting video chat to explain a few things that the new employee needs to work on.

One thing leads to the next, and the two show each other more than spreadsheets and workplace rules. In fact, they both end up naked and satisfied and more than ready to see each other in the office the next day.

Pro-tip: Be sure to dress the part. Think office attire, formal wear, and stockings and heels.

4. Oops, wrong number – chat with a stranger

Here’s the scenario: Instead of meeting a stranger in a bar, the two of you are meeting a stranger accidentally. You meant to call your friend for a quick video chat, but somehow, you’re face to face with a sexy stranger.

Instead of hanging up, you both are curious and start to chat. Who knew that dialing one wrong number would end in the hottest Skype sex of your life?

Pro-tip: If you are playing this scenario out with someone you already know (like a partner), make up a new life story, and don’t stick to details you both already know. Change your name and life story in order to make it feel more real.

What skype sex role-playing fantasies will you try next?

So now you have a list of the most exciting scenarios and role-playing ideas to try out on your next Skype sex date. Which one is the most appealing to you?

Will you choose power roles like professor and student or doctor and patient? Or will you choose the thrill of meeting a stranger?

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