Stan Cadwallader: The Same-Sex Husband of the Late Comedian Jim Nabors, Wed at 64 and 82 After 38 Years Together

by Rosemarie Hardison
Stan Cadwallader

For most people, the name Stan Cadwallader may not ring any bells. However, those who have been fans of Jim Nabors will recognize the name in a flash!

Jim Nabors was a prominent comedian who was quite popular for his comedy movies during the late 1950s and 1960s and was mostly known for his role as “Gomer Pyle” in The Andy Griffith Show.

In this article, I’ll be shedding some light on the life of the extraordinary couple who remained committed to each other for several decades. So without further ado, let’s dive right in!

Who Is Stan Cadwallader?

Stan Cadwallader is primarily known for being the husband of the late actor, singer, and comedian Jim Nabors. 

However, he also had a successful career as a member of the fire department in Hawaii before retiring later in his life. Cadwallader spent almost all of his professional life in his hometown, Honolulu, Hawaii.

Stan Cadwallader’s Early Life and Childhood

Jim Nabors

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Stan Cadwallader was born on the 28th of January, 1948 in Honolulu, Hawaii. This means that his zodiac sign is Capricorn, which is known for being ambitious, loyal, and craving security.

Cadwallader always preferred to keep his life away from the public, so there was not enough information on whether he had any siblings. 

This also goes for his education, as I couldn’t find any information about the schools or colleges he attended before becoming a firefighter.

One thing to note about Stan’s early life is that his father was also a firefighter, which explains why he joined the fire department at the ripe age of 20 and worked there until his retirement.

Stan Cadwallader Physical Profile

While the official numbers were never revealed, it’s fairly easy to estimate the height and weight of Stan Cadwallader.

According to most sources, Cadwallader is 5 feet and 9 inches tall (around 1.77 meters), which makes him of average height. He weighs around 180 to 200 pounds (around 82 to 91 kg) with a bit of a stocky build.

How Did Jim Nabors and Stan Cadwallader Meet Each Other?

How Did Jim Nabors and Stan Cadwallader Meet Each Other

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By the 1970s, Jim Nabors was already a star comedian with several big roles, including Gomer Pyle in the Andy Griffith Show. It was during that time that he met Stan Cadwallader while enjoying a vacation in Hawaii.

Shortly after, Stan and Jim became business partners, allowing Cadwallader to retire from his job as a firefighter.

This business partnership allowed Stan and Jim to get closer to each other, so their relationship gradually developed, and ultimately started dating in 1975.

That being said, at first, they kept their relationship a secret. This is because back in the 1970s, the public’s view of same-sex relationships wasn’t as accepting as nowadays and same-sex marriages were illegal at the time.

However, for that reason, it took the couple several years until they were ready to announce their relationship to the public. The first time the couple appeared together was in 1978 during the Indy 500 when Jim performed “Back Home Again”.

Did Jim Nabors and Stan Cadwallader Get Married?

Did Jim Nabors and Stan Cadwallader Get Married

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As previously established, same-sex marriages were illegal for the majority of the time Jim Nabors and Stan Cadwallader were in a relationship. However, they announced their relationship publicly and stayed committed to each other over the years.

Yet, the duo did get married exactly one month after same-sex marriage became legal in the state of Washington in December 2012.

The wedding took place on the 15th of January, 2013 in Seattle, particularly at the wedding hall of the Fairmont Olympic Hotel with a judge presiding over the wedding. 

At the time of the wedding, Jim Nabors was 82 years old while Stan Cadwallader was 64. The couple has been together for 38 years at that point. One thing to note here is that Stan And Jim never adopted any children until Nabors’s death.

Did Stan Cadwallader Have Previous Relationships Before Jim Nabors?

Rock Hudson

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As previously established, Stan Cadwallader always prefers to keep his personal life away from the public. 

For that reason, there isn’t enough information about Stan Cadwallader’s relationship before meeting Jim Nabors. However, it seems that Stan Cadwallader was never involved in an official relationship prior to Jim Nabors.

This also applies to Jim Nabors, who remained a bachelor throughout the height of his career. There was, however, a rumor that he was married to Rock Hudson, who is also a closeted homosexual movie star.

However, the two actors denied these rumors and said that they were only casual friends and nothing more.

How Long Did Stan Cadwallader and Jim Nabors Stay Together?

Jim Nabors

Stan Cadwallader and Jim Nabors remained married until Jim Nabors’s demise due to illness in 2017. In fact, Nabors was diagnosed with hepatitis in the late 1990s and has been battling liver diseases ever since.

This means that they were only married for a little over 4 years, although their relationship lasted over 42 years in total since they started dating in 1975. 


What Is Stan Cadwallader’s Net Worth?

According to many sources, Stan Cadwallader’s net worth is around $16 million. Although he worked several years as a firefighter and was a business associate of Jim Nabors, the majority of his earnings came from inheriting Nabors after his death.

Is Stan Cadwallader Still Alive?

As of early 2024, Stan Cadwallader is still alive and is now 76 years old.

Final Thoughts

This marks the end of today’s article that delves into the lives of both Stan Cadwallader and Jim Nabors.

As you can see, the two of them managed to stay committed to each other until the death of Jim Nabors, and while not much is known about the life of Cadwallader, we do know enough to testify to his true loyalty to his lifelong partner.

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