10 Unique Stocking Stuffer Ideas That Will Actually Be Appreciated

by Rosemarie Hardison
stocking stuffer ideas

Here’s the story behind stocking stuffing:

There was once a widower who was worried about the plight of his three daughters and how they’d get married. A former monk, St. Nicholas (the inspiration for Santa Klaus), decided to discreetly help them by leaving them bags of gold near their chimney. One of these bags fell into a chimney, and the family noticed it. They accepted the gold and went on to live prosperously.

This Christmas Eve/Saint Nicholas Day, gift your loved ones the same magic by making use of the stocking stuffer ideas we’ve listed below.

Creative Stocking Stuffer Ideas

Here’s a list of items that are compact enough to fit into Christmas stockings and can even prove quite handy in different situations.

#1. Mini Puzzles

mini puzzles

Have you got a young kid in the house you’d like to keep occupied? Especially during Christmas when children magically get an incredible amount of energy!

Throw in a few mini puzzles into their Christmas stockings this year. You could even solve the puzzles with them. Trying to figure out which piece fits where is not only mentally stimulating but also a fun, enjoyable activity.

Of course, you could gift puzzles to your adult friends as well. A Rubik’s cube can be a great pastime whenever they’re bored or need a break from work.

#2. Glow Sticks

glow sticks

This one’s definitely a utilitarian gift that your friends would find quite handy if their lights go off. They’re quite fascinating to look at and come in different colors.

When you bend the glow stick, the glass vial inside the plastic tube that holds liquid breaks. This liquid comes into contact with another liquid present inside the tube, causing a chemical reaction where light is the by-product.

They’re also called snap lights and party sticks. You could buy 4-inch glow sticks that fit perfectly in stockings. Or, you can experiment with glow necklaces and bracelets as well. They’re trendy and give off a Y2K vibe!

#3. Bananagrams


This quirky little word game is quite the cheeky gift you can use in a Christmas stocking. The bananagram is a pouch shaped like a banana that carries little tiles with letters printed on them.

Think Scrabble but without the assigned points for letters. The faster you create more words, the more points you win. You can play this game with up to eight people wherever you want as it is easy to carry around.

You can also teach kids how to spell words using the banagaram. However, you may want to give it only to kids who are over 7 years old as the tiles are a potential choking hazard.

#4. Glow In the Dark Stars

luminant stickers

No matter how old you are, sticking glow in the dark stars on your ceiling and watching them sparkle at night is delightful!

Glow in the dark stickers are available in various shapes, sizes, and designs. They’re easily installable and just as easily removable. A few minutes of gazing at them could clear your mind before you fall asleep.

If you’ve got a toddler, you can get them alphabet and number stickers. For older kids, animals and superheroes would probably attract them more. And if your kids are afraid to sleep in the dark, these luminant stickers would be a great remedy.

#5. Earrings, Like Strawberries or Pretty Daisies

earrings like strawberries

Accessories are always a great gift, no matter what the occasion might be. Earrings, for example, can give an edge to any outfit.

Spiritually, earrings represent youth, tenderness, simple-mindedness, and innocence. Accordingly, you could give a loved one something quaint and pretty like daisies or strawberries. These earrings can go with most casual and informal outfits.

Plus, having a little bit of nature in your hair will make you feel all cottagecore!

#6. A Mixed Box of Buttons

a mixed box of buttons

This is admittedly one of the most unique stocking stuffer ideas that not many people would give their loved ones. However, it is a brilliant idea to present a mixed box of buttons as a Christmas stocking gift.

It’s the perfect level of low-key while being practically useful. The buttons could be stitched onto clothes or even used for arts and crafts. Adding a cute, vibrant button to any outfit would feel like a statement.

Buttons come in different shapes, sizes, and colors, so you won’t run out of great dress and button pairings.

#7. Mini Boxes of Cereal

boxes of cereal

Nothing beats having a snack on you at all times. There’s no telling when hunger pangs can hit, so a mini box of cereal can immediately make you feel better.

Even though cereals are mostly preferred for breakfast, they make for great mid-day snacks. Gifting your college-going/working friend mini boxes of cereals for their Christmas stocking could be your own loving way of caring for their health.

Additionally, it’s a great morale booster for whenever you’re losing energy as it can instantly boost your energy levels.

#8. Dried Or Freeze-dried Fruit

dried fruit

This is probably one of the most unconventional stocking stuffer ideas out there. Treats like almonds, pistachios, apricots, and raisins will add a little sweetness to your day, and they’ve got great nutritional value as well.

Dried or freeze-dried fruits also have a long shelf life, so you can consume them whenever you please. Once you get a taste of freeze-dried mangoes, there’s simply no going back!

#9. Mini Manicure Kit

mini manicure kit

Not everyone has the time to visit a salon and get their nails done. Clean and filed fingernails make you look presentable and attractive.

You can get a mini manicure kit for a girlfriend’s Christmas stocking, so they can flaunt their pretty painted nails the next day! The kit will typically contain nail clippers, scissors, cuticle cream, and a nail file.

#10. Key Chain

key chain

Definitely one of the best stocking stuffer ideas, keychains make for great little gifts that can be highly customized. If you’re giving it to a friend, you could get one based on their interests.

Romantic and cheesy keychains could be gifted to partners, and kids would enjoy action figures of their favorite fictional characters. You can even buy keychains on your travels and give them as souvenirs. They’re very affordable, so you could buy a few at once.