The Rise Of Non-Traditional Games: How It’s Changing The Casino Industry

by Rosemarie Hardison
the rise of non traditional games

Non-traditional casino games are newly developed games offered in an online casino. It has been noticed that these types of games have started to dominate the online casino lobbies. These non-traditional games are created with the new generation of players in mind, like the millennials and the Generation Z.

However, the older generation also seems to like these new games they find in an online casino. That’s why the popularity of these games is soaring. That said, will this non-traditional game impact the future of the casino industry? Will it be a major factor in the changes in the industry in the future? Let’s explore the answers to these questions, so keep on reading.

The Creation of Non-Traditional Games

Non-traditional casino games are games you didn’t typically find in a casino many years ago. The most common games offered in a casino are slots, table and card games. However, the non-traditional games are new games we aren’t familiar with.

Examples of non-traditional games are Plinko, Mines game, Crash Game, and Slingo. Looking at these game names, you will automatically know that these aren’t the traditional games we played in brick-and-mortar casinos.

The rising popularity of online casinos initiated the creation of non-traditional games. Online casino operators keep looking for a way to engage their users and attract new ones, especially the new generation.

At first, they offer variations of the traditional casino games we know of. But as the years pass, a new market has emerged, which consists of new generations of players. And the game varieties they created don’t appeal much to these new markets.

With the help of the advancement of technology, online casino operators decided to create unique games that will capture the interest of the new generation. That’s when the non-traditional games you see today on online casinos were born.

Check out these non-traditional games yourself and see how advanced these games are. You can Play Slingo Deal or No Deal Online at FanDuel Casino to better understand why it appeals to younger and even older players.

The Future of The Casino Industry

We have already seen considerable changes in the casino industry in the past decade. However, the most significant change that the industry faced was during the COVID-19 pandemic.

All brick-and-mortar casinos worldwide were forced to shut their doors down temporarily as the coronavirus wreaked havoc on the health of humans and the country’s economy. Even huge casino operators in Las Vegas weren’t exempted from this downturn.

On the contrary, while brick-and-mortar casinos are experiencing serious challenges, online casinos have thrived. Although online casinos have existed since the early 90s, before the pandemic, their popularity suddenly increased during the lockdown.

Fortunately, land-based casinos survived, and now they are faced with a new problem: the emergence of non-traditional games that make online casinos even more interesting. So, what future do traditional casinos hold?

During the beginning of the new era of the casino industry, where online casinos took the lead, it was undeniable that even casino giants weren’t immune to the changes that technology poses to the casino industry. And now there is the threat of the emerging new games that can only be played online.

However, like with the other challenges they faced, land-based casinos aren’t backing down and have changed their operation to make it more revolutionary to compete with online casinos.

The Impact of Non-Traditional Game to Land-Based Casinos

The Land-based casinos are the ones that are truly affected by the emergence of non-traditional casino games. Non-traditional games are so revolutionary that they will open new doors that haven’t been explored before, like the usage of VR or AR in gaming.

Looking at these new games and experiencing them first-hand will make you think that land-based casinos won’t keep up with this new trend. However, traditional casinos that have been in the industry for a long time refuse to give up despite the new technological advancements.

Instead, they decided to improve their game despite the threat that they are facing right now. Land-based casinos have launched their own website to keep up with their fierce competitor, the online casinos.

With the adaptation to the new technology, they even offer a live-dealer experience that allows their patrons to play in the comfort of their homes with games dealt by the casino’s very own human dealers.

Their land-based venues are even upgraded with the newest technology. Slot machines are now digital and have gone beyond using robotics. Although it’s uncertain whether the robots will be a staple in the casino’s future, a promising change is happening inside the brick-and-mortar casino walls.

That said, the impact of non-traditional games on the land-based casino is minimal. These new advancements in the casino industry have pushed traditional operators to improve and offer their patrons a better version of their casinos.


The casino industry is headed toward a high-tech future, and non-traditional games are one of the examples of this change. That said, the creation of non-traditional games isn’t the end. Instead, it will only initiate more changes in the industry, especially when it comes to games.

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