Trials of Osiris and Fall Rewards in Destiny 2

by Rosemarie Hardison
trials of osiris and fall rewards in destiny 2

The Trial of Osiris is one of the most popular and challenging PvP activities for the best players in the MMO shooter Destiny 2, where players claim to get the best seasonal reward, which always changes depending on the period.

Major changes

The trial version and access will only be available to those players who have signed up for a paid annual Witch Queen subscription.

Even after three losses, the player does not drop out, but continues to play and earn the best equipment, but the most valuable equipment will only be for an unbeaten streak.

Inside the mode, there is an anti-cheat BattleEye

A big and unexpected update for many – Trial of Osiris now offers matchmaking.

New map

Players will be presented with a new map for the Trial of Osiris PVP mode on November 25th.

Rewards for completing the trials of Osiris from November 25 to November 29

Instead of the previously assigned three, five, and seven flawless values, players will now have to increase their rank with Saint-14 in the Tower hangar and receive enhanced weapons.

You will still receive an Adept rank weapon for a flawless passage, but the key rewards have not yet been announced.

  • Rank 10 – Get the arc shotgun, Inquisitor.
  • Rank 16 – Kinetic Bow – Whistler’s Whim
  • Flawless Rank – Rewards still unannounced.

After unlocking the Trial of Osiris reward, you will be able to transfer it through Trials Engrams, which makes the rolls much easier than they were in previous periods.

To protect yourself and your rank, as well as to get the best reward, you can order flawless trials carry from a professional player who will complete the period with the best performance and help you get a perfect rank.

The best equipment is given out at ranks 10 and 16, as well as upon reaching flawless status. In this period, weapons are also promised to drop.

Updates in Trial of Osiris

The season of the Lost is subject to a playlist update, which also affected the Trial of Osiris. Changes have been made in maps and passages.

The quest items associated with the season grant access to the Trials playlist every weekend, and the system has undergone several important changes that fans of PvP and rewards should be aware of:

  1. Now defeats do not mean completion – every playthrough, regardless of the set rank to any level, or the flawless level, regardless of losses.
  2. The pass can be reset after any losing game, but now it is not necessary to wait for a series of three defeats.
  3. Passes will be tracked up to twenty winning rounds.
  4.  All passages now have a significantly reduced cost.

Passes are now linked to your personal Banjie account in Destiny 2, and now you can play the Trial of Osiris on any of the three characters on your account without any restrictions.

Passes to choose from on a weekend hike – choose wisely as you can only take one.

  • Mercy – a passage that will allow you to make one mistake and continue on your way in defeat. Ideal if you want to walk to the lighthouse.
  • Ferocity – for players who are confident in their abilities. It will allow you to receive additional rewards with three wins, you can skip all the way to the lighthouse, but if you lose, you will not receive bonuses from mercy.
  • Wealth – brings more points to increase the rank, but does not contribute to obtaining the flawless rank. Ideal for accumulating ranks and getting reputation with Saint-14 much faster than any other booster.
  • Confidence – allows you to receive an additional reward from the Floveless chest, but in order to earn this card, you must first play Flavless in the current weekend.

It will allow you to receive additional rewards, you need to have a formed battle group that will regularly clear the beacon and bring you notorious rewards.

Keep in mind that the passage of the Trial of Osiris affects the weekend period, and you need to give your best within two days together with the battle group in order to get the maximum profit – otherwise you will have to wait for a new weekend and try again.

In summary

Now you can use your new knowledge and get ready for November 25 to take on new challenges, but first go to Saint-14 – your main assistant, adviser and character who gives out rewards for all your successes.

The next period in the Trial of Osiris will end on November 29th and all rewards will be given out to players, make the most of your time and increase your ranks yourself to get the highest or flawless reward, or use the services of professional players who will ensure that you get a flawless status.

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