Venus Square Mars Natal: How Do Your Birth Planets Affect Your Life?

by Rosemarie Hardison
Venus square Mars natal

The exact time you were born has significant meaning when creating your birth (natal) chart. With the knowledge of the location, time, and date of your delivery, you can create a snapshot of the sky that matches how it was when you got born.

If your snapshot shows that you’re a Venus square Mars natal, you’re quite an interesting person. Even though you may be worried about the square implications, which are typically negative, there’s way more to it.

So, to understand what a Venus square Mars natal means on a deeper level, let’s delve —or perhaps rise— into the astrological details!

Venus Square Mars Natal

Venus is a serene planet, associated with love, art, harmony, relation, fertility, love, beauty, attraction, and enthusiasm.

On the other hand, Mars is a glaring planet associated with strength, competition, desire, courage, anger, sexuality, energy, inner drive, action, and aggression.

With the two being quite different in nature, there’s bound to be some friction when they are square to each other. This creates tension between the characteristics of each one with the other.

Interpreting Venus Square to Mars

When you’re a Venus square to Mars natal, you have a very passionate and enthusiastic nature. You have a sense of individuality that makes you both authentic and determined to go after what you want.

This is why you’ll typically have a hard time mingling with communities or societal gatherings that don’t speak to your authentic self.

Sometimes, you might find yourself at odds with peers and society because of your different ideals and conflicting values. While this is an indicator of authenticity, you should also learn to manage these types of conflicts to get along well.

Venus Square Mars at Work

Moreover, you have to work out what you can tolerate and what you consider a deal-breaker. This helps you manage those conflicts as well as enhances the effectiveness of your communication.

Your competitiveness will often push you towards reaching your ambitions and always pursuing new ones. However, it’s important to keep in mind that this may cause unnecessary tension in your relationships at times.

To overcome this, you might need to resort to different creative outlets that help you channel your energy toward something more fruitful. As a result, you’ll understand yourself better while keeping the harmony of your relationships intact.

Venus Square Mars in Romantic Relationships

Individuals with Venus square Mars natal aspects tend to struggle in their romantic life. Mainly, this is because they seek ideal images that aren’t likely to happen, which makes it hard to stay in the relationship.

Try to avoid the impulse to flee or become passive-aggressive within your relationship in order to build a more meaningful one.

While it may take you a few relationships before finding “The One,” you should always try to learn from past experiences to build upon the new ones. This helps you avoid mistakes that could have often been caused by your unrealistic expectations.

What’s more, learning to be straightforward in your communication can go a long way. For a Venus square Mars natal, this could be hard work, but it’s worth it if you want your romances to last.

Venus square Mars nata

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Venus Square Mars and Physical Intimacy

You might struggle to understand the integration between physical and emotional intimacy; it’s important to learn that they’re not mutually exclusive.

Try to look at your partner as someone who can satisfy both needs instead of feeling the need to assign them to one or the other.

Venus Square Mars Transit

When you’re born in a Venus square Mars transit, you’ll feel a desire to fulfill both creative desires and your relationships.

Usually, this is an excellent time to create new ways of self-expression or get rid of existing ones that weren’t working for you.

If you do work in the creative or artistic field, be it monetized or leisurely, it would be an excellent period to experiment with your work. There’s a high chance that you’ll figure out a new technique or innovative style to enhance what you do.

It’s also a good time to seek new attractions, whether with someone new or within your existing relationship, as it’s a period of increased desire and arousal.

Try to tread lightly with all your exploration, though, and consider what your impulsive actions may cause in consequence.

Natal Chart Interpretation Variances

Now that we’ve covered the more general idea, it’s important to mention that there are always variances that are related to each individual specifically.

Astrologically, the square aspect is known for disharmony and friction. Both Venus and Mars contribute to this, but to varying degrees.

Mainly, it’s affected by the specific natal chart of each individual—the relevant houses and signs. While there are a lot of complex ways you figure your interpretation out, there are plenty of natal chart generators that can help you in this regard.

Transit Speed and Influence

Some astrology schools explain that the body that transits quicker is the one with the lower influence. In this case, Venus would be moving faster, so it takes the less important influence than Mars, which is moving slower.

In other words, the effects of Mars would be more impactful than the effects of Venus, winning out in this transit.

On the other hand, other astrology schools think that the body on the right of the square aspect is the one with the superior influence.

In the end, choosing to use influences is up to the reader, as many opt for reading the charts with the two bodies in mind, mentioning the possible effects of either.

Final Words

Understanding how astrology affects our personalities and lives is a complex matter. So, before you go about trying to explore your sign, make sure you know about how the position of the planets and stars play a role.

After creating your personal natal chart and locating the signs that the celestial bodies occupied during your birth, you’ll be able to refine your translations and understand yourself better.

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