Who is the One-Eyed King? Mystery Resolved

by Rosemarie Hardison
who is the one eyed king

If you’re a fan of the Tokyo Ghouls, you’re probably a fan of the almighty one-eyed king. However, the identity of this king is somehow a mystery.

Many people speculate and propose suggestions. However, what we all know for certain is that the one-eyed king is a title that passes from one person to another.

The question is, “who’s the one-eyed king?”. This article outlines the history as well as the different holders of the title.

Who Is the One-Eyed King?

Known for his revolutionary ideology, the one-eyed king is the ruler of the Aogiri Tree society. He’s a half-ghoul, who is capable of leading the ghouls, and uniting them with humans.

The title of the one-eyed king was held by two known figures. Kishou Arima first held this title until his death in the fight against Ken Kaneki. Later, the title was passed down to Ken Kaneki.

Arima has acquired the title of the one-eyed king. He was half-human, which means that he had a human form. However, he possessed all the abilities of a ghoul, with the only exception of Kagune.

He was physically stronger than all the other ghouls. Nevertheless, he wasn’t viewed as the real savior of the ghouls. For instance, Eto once described him as “keeping the seat warm” for the real one-eyed king.

Upon the death of Arima, Kaneki claimed the title. The title was passed on to him because he was the one to kill Arima in a fight, which makes him a stronger one-eyed ghoul.

Who Can Be the One-Eyed King?


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There are many suspects when it comes to who exactly is the one-eyed king since he doesn’t really appear in his physical form in the series.

Other than Arima and Kaneki, different figures were suspected of holding the title such as:

1. Eto Yoshimura

At some point, Eto was suspected to be the one-eyed king. However, she denied it and confirmed being his partner and co-conspirator.

2. Yoshimura

He faked being a one-eyed owl to take some of the heat off his daughter. Therefore, he acted like he was the one-eyed king since many people believe that the one-eyed owl is, in fact the one-eyed king.

How Did the Idea of the One-Eyed King Start?

It all started with Eto Yoshimura, who never liked the unfair order of her world. She starts the concept of the one-eyed king, who is the most powerful of all the one-eyed ghouls.

The one-eyed king is a symbol of change and hope. He has enough power to start a revolution against the Washuu clan and free the ghouls from human oppression. The ultimate goal of the one-eyed king is to unite the ghouls and the humans.

How Did Kishou Arima Become the One-Eyed King?

Somehow Arima managed to defeat Eto in a fight in her hideout. However, instead of killing her, he asked her about her goals.

When Eto told Arima her ideas and intentions, he liked the idea of changing the world and decided to help her. He conspired with her and took the title of becoming the one-eyed king.

What Does the One-Eye King Do?

The one-eyed king is the main leader of the Aogiri Tree. He rules the Aogiri Tree society from behind the scenes and manipulates the whole story.

He takes over the 11th ward in a move that is surprising to the CCG. He also commissions a good number of Aogiri members after Rize Kamishiro. Although the reasons weren’t clearly stated, it’s most probably recruiting her.

Again from the shades, the one-eyed king managed to help the Aogiri Tree take over wards 9 and 10. This was part of a plan to conquer Tokyo as a whole.

How Does the One-Eyed King Look Like?

In the manga, the one-eyed king appears as a royal figure mostly dressed in gold. He wears what looks like a royal robe with the emblem of the Aogiri Tree on the chest.

His face doesn’t appear, hence the mysterious identity, as he covers it with a skull mask with a golden crown. Probably the only thing showing from his features is his one eye.

What’s the Personality of the One-Eyed King Like?


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Being such a powerful leader requires charisma. Therefore, the one-eyed king is highly charismatic. He possesses the power to lead many ghouls toward the prosperity, and even superiority, of ghouls.

What are the Special Abilities and Powers of the One-Eyed King?

Just like his identity, the full range of the one-eyed king’s powers is mysterious. However, it’s a fact well known that he’s mentally and physically powerful.

The one-eyed king is most probably the most powerful of all the one-eyed ghouls since he leads them, rules them, and strives to start a revolution to unite them with humans.

For instance, charisma isn’t just a mere personality trait when it comes to the one-eyed king. It’s rather a superpower that allows him to easily lead and manipulate an infinite number of strong ghouls.

His charisma helps him convince the ghouls of his ideology of ghoul supremacy after long years of giving in to oppression. This super charisma gives the one-eyed king the ability to gather followers and ignite the revolution.

Friends and Family of the One-Eyed King

As a charismatic leader, the one-eyed king has powerful ties with many ghouls in Aogiri Tree and Tokyo Ghouls in general. Among his closest relations are:

1. Noro

He’s the direct subordinate under the king. He’s a co-leader of the Aogiri Tree society. Noro is one of the faithful followers of the one-eyed king. He’s sworn to be his most obedient commander.

Therefore, he’s one of the few trusted followers of the one-eyed king. Noro died in an extermination operation called Tsukiyama

2. Tatara

Like Noro, Tatra is one of the few trusted followers of the one-eyed king. She’s his direct subordinate and second in command.

3. Madam Ghouls

This group of ghouls has strong ties with the one-eyed king. They provide the primary financial resources to the Aogiri Tree.

Some believe that the one-eyed king has developed some mysterious relationship with them. However, some claim that the ties are strictly professional.

Anyway, the one-eyed king trusts Madam Ghouls to support his plan of a world where ghouls dominate.

To Wrap It Up

The one-eyed king is an enigmatic figure in the Tokyo Ghouls Manga. It isn’t a person per se. It’s rather a title passed down from one one-eyed ghoul to the other.

The one-eyed king is the most powerful of all one-eyed ghouls. He leads them towards a revolution that ends the oppression of ghouls and unites them with humans.

Who is the one-eyed king? The answer to this question isn’t really clear. It has been rumored that Eto Yoshimura is the one-eyed king. However, she denies it and admits to being a co-conspirator.

It has been shown in the manga that two people held the title. The first is Arima, who liked Eto’s cause and decided to take it upon himself to free the ghouls. The second is Kendeki, who got the title after killing Arima.

However, the true identity of the one-eyed king remains a mystery.

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